High Tea

Sunday is by far my favorite day of the week. Lazy mornings, big mugs of tea, snuggling around in bed . . . . this is what I work for all week! Sunday is a slow day, a family day, and a day for a little bit of indulgence before the work week picks up again. I am also an avid fan of brunch, which always seems to taste best on a Sunday, accompanied by a cold glass of bubbly and some good friends.

Today, B and I decided to try something a little bit different. Instead of whipping up a massive pancake-feast in our own kitchen or heading to one of our local favorites here or here, we made a reservation at Grand Cafe Fossa, a local dutch eatery known for their decadent high tea. As B is British, he was very familiar with the concept of high tea. However, Grand Cafe Fossa was my first!


We each had the High Tea Delux, which is € 23.50 per person. Not bad for an unlimited amount of tea and a three-tier tray of assorted sweets and savory treats.


We were brought a mini rack of fresh teas to choose from. My favorite was the spicy chai blend, perfect for a crisp fall day.


IMG_0110 IMG_0098

Our high tea spread consisted of crab and cucumber sandwiches, sun dried tomato quiche, cheese pastry, scones with cream and jam, brownies, baklava, macaroons and some seriously sweet chocolate mousse truffles.

IMG_0095 IMG_0097

My favorite was the brownie, which was cooked perfectly. Crisp and flaky on the outside, and rich, creamy and moist in the middle.

IMG_0122My handsome date! IMG_0126We finished our meal with a toast and a glass of sweet prosecco.

Overall I was quite pleased with the fresh tea assortment, our yummy food selection, and my first high tea experience. B’s promised that next time we’re in the UK, he will take me to Betty’s for a real, English high tea experience. In the meantime, the Grand Cafe Fossa is a great Amsterdam alternative. Endless cups of warm tea, indulgent little treats, and some good company – this is what Sundays are made for!

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