Honey Bee

I’m a bit of a Pinterest geek. Pinterest is home to my imaginary closet, wedding inspiration treasury, and digital cook-book-bible. I admittedly spend way too much time on the site, collecting ideas and looking at pretty pictures.

I go through phases of Pinterest coveting. Last month it was ombre tights, burgundy hats and little fox prints. This month, I’m hooked on something way cooler.

Bumble bees.

I know what you’re thinking. Bumble bees rock! They’re classic and edgy, honey sweet and painfully sharp. Pretty bad ass, right?

Here are a few of my honey bee favorites from Pinterest.

These honey bee studs are adorable. They’re from here, but unfortunately the link doesn’t seem to be working at the moment.

This interior shot is from Design Sponge. I fell in love with this crafty bee wallpaper, only to discover these cute patterns are actually stamps! Very clever!

These little honey bee soaps are adorable, and I bet they smell delicious as well. The holidays are approaching and they would make a great stocking stuffer. Thanks for the inspiration, Savvy Souther Style.

Random fact: I’ve never been stung by a bee!

This last one is my favorite, and as usual, I have the most expensive taste! The product is featured on the Bona Drag site and the beautiful design is by Anna Sheffield. Although it’s not a bee per say, it has that timeless black and yellow edge, and will only set you back by $4,500. Yikes. My taste is a bit too fleeting to invest in this one, which is why Pinterest is ideal! It’s a great personal look book that lets you “ooh” and “ahh” over designs and trends, but doesn’t set you back a cent!

If you’re also into Pinterest, you can follow all of my super-girly boards here. If not, I highly recommend it – it’s a great place to collect all of your favorite things!

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