The End is Near Party

The only thing scarier than my hangover today is The End is Near party I went to last night. It was bloody insane, absolutely spooktacular!

Where I’m from, there is quite a bit of tradition around Halloween. Families carve pumpkins and kids go trick-or-treating. For those who crave a scare, there are haunted houses, corn mazes and hayrides to boot! I love dressing up, dancing to a bit of Thriller, and gorging on bite size Snickers. It’s a fun and friendly holiday, peppered with a bit of mischief and some spooky tradition.

In the Netherlands, Halloween has a slightly different tonality. The typical American traditions haven’t quite caught on in mainstream Dutch culture. There are no jack-o’-lanters or trick-or-treaters, and there is a sad lack of miniature candy. Here, Halloween is about death and blood, guts and gore. It’s an excuse to drink and party, bloody up and boogie down.

To celebrate, for the second year in a row my friends and I went to the FOX Amsterdam Halloween party. This year’s theme was The End is Near. Think apocalypse. Zombies, vampires, fallen angels and pure evil.

Prior to the party, we had dinner and drinks at at Tom and Melissa’s house. Melissa was a fantastic host and made GREEN Halloween spaghetti.

It was gross AND delicious.

After we ate, we primped and prepped for a night of mischief. We put on our creepy costumes and drenched ourselves in fake blood.

B dressed up as my dead groom.

And I was his bloody bride.

Alex was a creepy fallen angel.

Mayke was a Magenta inspired maid.

After few hours of fun and games, we biked over to Westergasfabriek for an evening of drinking, dancing and playing dead. We partied until the sun came up, at which point we headed home and fell into bed, in true vampire style. It was a terror-ific evening!

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