Up In The Sky

These past few weeks have been super stressful. I’ve been working long hours, and time has been going by in a whirl. There have been way too many early mornings, late evenings, and when I do finally fall into bed at night, my brain just keeps ticking and talking away.

Tonight, in an attempt to turn off, I was absentmindedly browsing Pinterest (one of my favorite pastimes) and I came across this magical photography series by Laurent Chehere. I was immediately transported up, up into the skies and all of my stressful thoughts drifted away.

Good art makes you think. It’s subjective, and the emotional gravity of a piece can differ from person to person. In “Flying Houses”, Laurent has craftily eliminated Newton’s gravity, depicting lavish homes and humble dwellings floating in the air. Up above the chronic hustle and bustle, removed from the regular down below.

I love this series because it makes the everyday ordinary, extraordinary. It reframes the same things you see again and again on your walk to work or the evening commute. The flashing neon signs, the slanted shutters. The stale, the overlooked, and the ugly come alive with a simple change of scenery.

Chehere gives us a new perspective on the old and overlooked, and more than that, he invites us to leave.

For tonight, I will indulge in a world where wonted can be whimsical. Where is routine can be radiant, and where stress can be subdued. Sweet dreams, mes amis.

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