Amsterdam At Night

I have an ongoing love affair with the gym. Sometimes we are passionately involved and see each other daily for sweaty funtimes. And then there are days, weeks, months, where we go without a word. But we both know that these periods of absence are OK, because inevitably, I will be back for more. I’m like a hamster that needs to run on my little wheel every so often, or else I lose a sense of purpose in life. Sometimes there are things you need to let out, and for me, the best way to do so is in the form of pure physical exhaustion.

Lately, I’ve been working crazy long hours, and have barely had time for regular meals, never mind a jaunt on the elliptical. To compensate, I’ve been taking long detours on my walk home from work, exploring the beautiful Dutch canals and getting a bit of fresh air along the way. Tonight I had an adventure as such, and thought I would introduce you to the beautiful city of Amsterdam.

IMG_0554 IMG_0565IMG_0588IMG_0621

I swung by B’s work and picked him up along the way.Amsterdam At NightThis picture captures everything Dutch: bikes, canals, crooked houses and stone bridges.IMG_0599IMG_0623IMG_0641The local.

IMG_0634Car parking, boat parkin.

IMG_0647When I get to the Heineken Brewery, my feet sigh in relief. Home is just around the corner.

IMG_0652My neighborhood, de Pijp. A bright, bustling, cultural and exciting neighborhood. I must say, as much as I miss my gym time, evening strolls around the city are equally therapeutic!

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