German Christmas Market: Day Two

Sunday is a slow day in Germany. The shops don’t open till later, people wake up slowly, and the streets are eerily quiet until well after noon. B and I wanted to enjoy one last day of the Christmas market, but happily embraced Germany’s sleepy Sunday sentiment.

After another lazy lie-in, we slowly made our way out, with a pit stop in the hotel lobby to make some fishy friends.

IMG_1266I could watch fish for hours, and our Vegas-imitation hotel had several mesmerizing aquariums right in the lobby.

IMG_1275B kindly dragged me away from fish-gazing, ready to find adventure and more importantly, food!

I’m sure I’ve told you all before, but my favorite part of Sunday is brunch. However, Christmas market brunch is a bit harder to come by. We wandered around in the drizzle, trying to find something appropriate to eat for breakfast.

IMG_1295We found a stall with massive, smoked rotisserie hams, which looked delicious and close enough to brunch-fare for me!



After finishing up our browned and buttery ham bulkies, we realized that we were seriously parched and in need of some Sunday morning caffeine  After a bit of window poking, we stumbled across Koehler’sIMG_1339

A passerby might assume that Koehler’s is just another touristy gift shop. But a peek inside reveals that Koehler’s delicatessen is out of this world! With loads of decadent chocolates, heavenly cakes, and lots of sweet and savory gifts to-go, you won’t know what to indulge in first!

IMG_1343IMG_0952 copy

The best part of Koehler’s is the café, tucked away in the back and only obvious to those who chance a venture inside.
IMG_1324The cafe is a cross between a teahouse and your Gramma’s dinning room. The atmosphere is quaint and cozy, and even though the furniture is pretty and the decor is dainty, you still feel at home.


There was a mixed crowd in the café, ideal for people watching – lovers having a drink at the bar, families with little kids bopping around, and frumpy old men, drinking coffee and reading the Sunday paper. IMG_0953B and I both ordered hot drinks, and picked up a few chocolates to go.

IMG_1329 IMG_1334

Toasty and refreshed, we bundled up again for a bit of final market roaming,


We stocked up on last minute gifts, and did a bit of speedy window shopping.

This little elf holding a German sausage made me laugh!IMG_1142

We also returned to some of our favorite stalls from the day before, picking out treats for the train ride home.


We humm’d and ha’d over what our last Christmas market meal should be, and decided to split one final German sausage. IMG_1381IMG_1377As expected, it was delicious, and the perfect note to end our Germany holiday on!

Overall it was a fabulous trip, and I have a feeling a winter pilgrimage to the German Christmas markets will be a new-loved holiday tradition!

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