Christmas Cookies

Last night, lady Bex and I had our anual Christmas cookie baking date. We started the tradition last year when we accidentally drank too much prosecco and made an awesomely-impressive, impromptu gingerbread house. This year, we decided to be a bit more official with our holiday baking. We pre-bought decorations, rolled out several batches of gingerbread, and stocked up on sweet liquors. I biked to hers after work, balancing bags of baking goodies. Upon opening the door to her flat, I was greeted by delightful Christmas tunes and the sweet, sweet smell of warm gingerbread, fresh out of the oven.


Bex had already started baking our cookie-castles, using a homemade template to get the house dimensions just right! You can find Martha Stewart’s template here, which makes a cute little gingerbread house with a tall slanted roof. IMG_1406IMG_1407It was torture not to bite into the freshly baked gingerbread, but we tempered our cravings by snacking on gumdrop buttons and little Dutch cookies, while sipping warm Christmas-y cordials. Bex created a fabulous festive drink, consisting of warm ginger beer, cinnamon sticks, and a splash of brandy. Delicious and deadly.

IMG_1455We waited patiently for our gingerbread walls to bake, decorating little Christmas cookies in the meantime.



I’m pretty sure we baked enough cookies to last us right up ’till Christmas!!


After a bit of frosting practice on the Christmas cookies, it was time to move on to the houses!


We neatly mapped out windows, shingles, and shutters, creating tall crooked houses in true Dutch style.


In total we created two Dutch houses, one gingerbread cottage, and dozens of mini Christmas cookies!


Our proud creations were a tad slanted, but awfully delicious!IMG_1491

If you’re looking for a great gingerbread recipe, you can check out Bex’s blog here. I’m sure she will shortly be posting our awesomely-fun gingerbread baking adventures as well! x

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