180 Christmas Party

When you work in advertising, drinking, dancing and drunken drollery are part and parcel of the job. It’s perfectly acceptable to crack open a beer at your desk on a Friday afternoon, and there are always more than a handfull of people going over to the pub after work. But twice a year, 180 goes all out. Once in December before the holidays, and again in April for Queen’s Day. Work hard, play hard, right?

This past Wednesday was said 180 Christmas party – a crazy open bar bash, where we all got sloshed and danced until they kicked us out. The theme was A Night At the Movies, and the evening was a blur of babes, balloons, and boozy funtimes.

180 Xmas 2012_082

People really got into the theme, and there were some great costumes at the party!

180 Xmas 2012_010180 Xmas 2012_084

Some of the folks on my team decided to go as the cast of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. A scandalous undertaking! I was Magenta, my colleague Cecile was Columbia, and Jim was Riff Raff. Andrew (my boss!!) took one for the team and went as Frank. He definitely had the best (and most revealing!) costume of the night.
180 Xmas 2012_114

The funtimes continued as we discovered some random props lying around.
180 Xmas 2012_382

And proceeded to have a full on photo shoot!180 Xmas 2012_376

In the other room, the band raged on. Dean was a silent movie.

180 Xmas 2012_202

And Rachel was a black and white one!!

180 Xmas 2012_178

Towards the end of the night, things started to get a little crazy.

180 Xmas 2012_453

And the dance party turned into a drunken karaoke party!

180 Xmas 2012_463Eventually the lights came on and we were kicked out. Another successful 180 Christmas party!

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