Maine Winter Wonderland

I’ve gone quiet for the past few days, as I’ve been traveling from Holland to Maine. I’m now stateside, ready to spend the holidays with some of my favorite people. The past Saturday, Sunday, and Monday have been a whirl of time travel and love. Family and frieds have been rightly hogging my time, so I’m sorry if I have been a bit neglectful!

Since I’ve arrived in Maine, it’s been snowing non-stop. My parents live in the countryside, which is a wonderful change from the hustle and bustle of living smack in the center of Amsterdam. I’ve spent my mornings sipping tea, watching the snow fall, and snapping shots of the quiet winter wonderland outside.


Ray Lamontagne (who is also from Maine!) has a beautiful song called Winter Birds. I can’t stop humming this song as I watch all of the beautiful cardinals and blue jays peck away at my Dad’s feeders.

IMG_0006Moments after I took this photo, all of the birds suddenly fluttered away, and a huge flock of turkeys trumped along.


I put on a pair of my Bean boots and popped outside, but the massive group of turkeys were gone.


So I took a few more snowy shots from outdoors, before slipping back inside for a big mug of hot cocoa!IMG_0070IMG_0080It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!!

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