Galactic Bowling

For the past two weeks, I’ve been reliving my youth while visiting my parents in Maine. There have been 3am visits to Denny’s, late night L.L. Bean runs, and this past Friday, B and I went galactic bowling with some of my best high school friends.


Back in the day (erm, and probably still today) my friends and I were huge dorks. Instead of getting drunk and blitzed on a Friday night, we preferred to dance and bowl. Yankee Lanes was our favorite spot, and Friday night was their galactic bowling extravaganza.

IMG_1296Since my teenage glory days, the price at Yankee Lanes has gone up and the music has gotten a bit more risqué. But the overall Friday-night-in-flashy-neon-lights sentiment has stayed the same, and Yankee Lanes still offers a roaring good ole’ Maine time.

IMG_1381This past Friday night we put on our classy bowling shoes, and at 10.30pm sharp the DJ began to play his tunes and the galatic lights came alive.


Katie, my bestest friend ever, remembered the cardinal rule of galactic bowling and made sure to sport some white.


We picked our balls and pestered the boys until they agreed to some friendly girl-vs-boy bowling fun!

Even though B had never been galactic bowling before, he was a quick pro and admittedly enjoyed the cheesy disco balls and glitzy black lights.



Despite my impeccable form, I was not so great and convinced everyone to try a new kind of bowling. 

IMG_1388 IMG_1389


We invented several new bowling techniques, and rolled more gutter balls than we could count.




It was an awesome Maine night, filled with old friends, fun, and a happy dash of nostalgia.

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