Family Vacation: Mystic Aquarium

On the second day of family vacation, we decided to go to the aquarium. Mystic was covered in a blanket of arctic snow, so it seemed rather fitting to spend the day visiting the penguins!


The Mystic Aquarium has some great exhibits. We often spend time looking up at the stars, wondering what else is out there. But in reality, there is so much more we haven’t seen living right here on planet Earth. A visit to the aquarium is a great way to remember just how vast our world is!IMG_1643

The aquarium is 1/3 outside, so many of the attractions were covered in a beautiful, deep layer of snow.

Upon arriving at the aquarium, we were welcomed by a mesmerizing saxophone melody. We wandered towards the music, only to find a saxophone player smack in front of the beluga tank, captivating the whales.


Apparently they love a bit of cool jazz!

After a bit of outside wandering, we decided to head indoors to warm up and visit some of the tropical animals and touch pools.

The bright and colorful clown fish and sea anemones were my favorite.

IMG_1713No one else in my family dared stick their hand into the touch pool. Rays and squishy fish floated round in circles, positioning themselves to be gently stroked. They were soft, squidgy, and very friendly!


Next up was the jelly fish room – a small room with glass walls and ceilings, hosting all different kids of jellies!



We caught a quick sea lion show before heading back outside to pay a final visit to the penguins. IMG_1763


The penguins were quick, and quite difficult to get a good shot of!


Our noses and toes-es were chilly, so we decided to head back to the hotel for a bit more jacuzzi time. We walked through the exhibit maze towards the exit, and said one last goodbye to the seals.IMG_1785Catch you later ;)

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