Family Vacation: Mystic Pizza

It was our final day in Mystic, and we knew there was one thing we HAD to do before going home. Eat pizza! In 1988, Hollywood came to town. Julia Roberts starred in Mystic Pizza, which (if you can’t guess from the name) took place and was focused around Mystic’s very own Mystic Pizza. In addition to being famous, Mystic’s pizza is mouth watering, out of this world, amazing! We knew we had to try a slice (or two or three) while we were in town.
IMG_1938Mystic Pizza is located smack in the middle of Mystic, surrounded by adorable little boutiques and antique shops.

IMG_1883The restaurant  is decorated a bit like a sports pub, but instead of athlete and team memorabilia on the walls, every surface is covered with still frames and props from the film.IMG_1879We were quite hungry, so we started with some fried pickles and a big antipasto salad.IMG_1871 IMG_1893We then moved on to the main course, pizza! We ordered a Texas Chicken Pizza, a House Special, and a Mediterranean Delight.

IMG_1900 IMG_1901 IMG_1902IMG_1908 I’m ashamed to admit that I couldn’t help but try a slice of each!

I half expected the pizza to be a bit of a let down, as the restaurant gets a lot of hype for the film and not so much the food. But the pizza was absolutely phenomenal, and is reason enough to visit alone.

Don’t trust me? Try it for yourself. You can find their website here – the Texas Chicken comes strongly recommended :)

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