Back in Amsterdam

I’m sorry I’ve left you alone for almost a week now! It’s been one of the longest work weeks ever, what with jet lag, unpacking, catching up with friends, and getting back into the swing of Amsterdam life.


This weekend has been pretty laid back. I’ve been cleaning the house, decorating with some of my new Christmas goodies, and stocking up the fridge with fresh fruits and vegetables. One of my favorite parts about living in a little village city are the numerous farmers markets and fresh fruit stands that pop up over the weekend. On Saturday morning I ventured out to the Amsterdam Noordermarkt to browse the sustainable food selection. It was a beautiful, crisp winter morning, and the leisurely bike ride to the market reminded me why I love living in Amsterdam so much.

IMG_2242 copyThe market is tucked away past a canal, beyond house boats and little cobble stone streets.IMG_2243The Noordermarkt is half flea market, half farmers market. I love browsing all of the little trinkets and Dutch treasures before stocking up my bags with fresh produce.
IMG_2284There are some real finds at the market, and also some real junk!IMG_2258Right now there are lots of root veggies, citrus fruits, and different squash varieties at the market. IMG_2265IMG_2275IMG_2277Shopping is a great way to pick up some Dutch, and after living here for two years I can recognize and recite the names of many foods, colors, and textures, all thanks to the grocery store!


My Favorite market finds are the delicacies that don’t exist in the local supermarket. Exotic mushrooms, farm eggs, chalky cocoa beans, and a huge range of Dutch cheese. 

Once my backpack was stuffed with fresh fare, I headed home. B and I now have a week’s worth of fresh farmer’s market food – a great way to get back into the swing of Dutch living!
IMG_2290 IMG_2297

If you’re in Amsterdam and want to visit the Noordermarkt, you can check them out on Saturday from 9am-4pm or Monday from 9am-2pm. They’re located in the Jordaan, at 1015 MV Amsterdam.

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  1. Thanks for liking my post! Would you consider adopting a slightly used high-functioning autistic artist? I’ve long dreamed of becoming an expat in Amsterdam! Lol
    Great pics, btw.


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