Free People Amsterdam

Christmas is over and we’ve had our token winter snow. Yet the nights are still getting colder, and the days don’t seem to be getting any longer. Usually my winter blues don’t kick in until the end of February. However, I am currently hunkered down over a melting candle and a hot mug of ginger tea, wishing for the sun. And Free People aren’t helping. I stumbled across their January catalogue on Pinterest and I haven’t been able to stop flicking through.

I’m day dreaming about what to buy first, fantasizing that it’s me, peddling around in a light, airy dress, sunshine on my back. I had already decided to do a blog post on their new 2013 collection, when I realized, these photos are taken in Amsterdam!! Those bridges! That lamp post! That’s my city! I knew I could picture myself in this editorial, on that bike all too well.

City aside, I am absolutely doting over this collection. I really admire people who can look put together and falling apart at the same time, and Free People have mastered this trend. Those ripped jeans, that slouchy sweater. . . paired with the most delicate floral or elegant sunnies I have ever seen.

I think I’m ready for summertime, but first I think I have to stock my closet with Free People goodies. Whose with me?!

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