Hello lovely Thursday night friends! I’m wanting to chat but not feeling very creative, so I thought it would be a good time to reminisce about the holidays and give you a little taste of my Instagram happenings. So, will you be my Thursday night Insta-date?!

December started out with a beautiful dusting of snow in Amsterdam. Other holiday traditions quickly crept up, like a five foot long loaf of Christmas bread in the 180 kitchen! We had our 180 office party, which was themed “A Night at the Movies”. My colleagues and I went as the cast of Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I was the smoky maid, Magenta. B and I sent out our first ever Christmas cards. Woo adulthood. I also learned the importance of NOT buying blank cards. Blank cards = lots and lots of personalized notes to write!! Some of my co-workers went to Japan and brought back GREEN TEA KIT KAT bars. Yes these exist and yes they are delicious! And before I knew it, I was on a plane, sailing home for the holidays!

My flight chased the sunrise all morning, through Europe, across Dublin, and into Boston. While in Boston, we did a bit of Christmas light-peeping. I saw this awesome truck. . . . and knew I was home. ‘MERICA! I helped the ‘rents pick out the perfect Christmas tree. And did a bit of wedding dress shopping!!! My Dad tricked my sister and I onto a little propeller plane. This is our skeptical-about-to-take-off-we-may-die face. But it was OK, because we made it to DC in one piece and I got to check out the White House, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument for the first time.

I saw this ridiculous box and couldn’t stop grinning from ear to ear. Franks in a blanket. Yes, I missed you USA! This is my parent’s tree. It was a really, really good one this year! :) I got creative / trendy / cool and wrapped all of my gifts in newspaper. And my Dad wrapped the house in Christmas lights. Mid-trip I got a horrible cold. But it was OK, because it happened on a kick-ass snow day. And I had L.L. Bean slippers and a sweet sister to hang with. Best cold-cure ever! B and I took a road trip down to Massachusetts. Which was beautiful and sad, because we celebrated my Great, Great Aunt’s life. She passed away at 101. She was a beauty queen with so much charm and grace. The monarch of our family. There was so much love and happiness and sadness, and it was amazing to spend that time with my family.  And after a roller coaster of holiday highs and lows, we said goodbye to the States and headed back to Amsterdam. Which was considerably warmer. The trees were blooming! Until it snowed!

And I have now come full circle in a month, from a snowy winter 180, home, and back to a snowy, winter 180 once again!

If you want to be my all-time Insta-date, you can find me here. I’m always looking for new Insta-friends!! x

7 Replies to “Insta-Date”

  1. Hey thanks for liking my post :) I enjoyed browsing through your photos and your musings!! great pics, it drew me in to your current life :) You remind me of my cravings for my “norm” (Australia for me) but I type away from rainy California today :) I am following you on Instragram :)


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