One thing that sucks about living in another country is the lack of familiar comfort food. When I’m sick, I crave Campbell’s chicken noodle soup, and a bright pink Maine hotdog just makes a summer BBQ feel complete. I miss impromptu late-night runs to Taco Bell, and breakfast is so much easier when the grocery store stocks egg whites that come pre-separated in a little carton. That said, when I visit the States, my mentality flips and I suddenly notice the absence of my Dutch staples. Most notably, teatime is quite lacking, as stroopwafels are hard to come by in the USA.

What is a stroopwafel?

This, my friends, is a stroop:IMG_2623OK, so maybe they’re not typically that decadent looking, but as they’re a daily staple in my Dutch diet, I’ve gotten a tad inventive over the years.
IMG_2448In the Netherlands, you can easily find stroopwafels at the grocery store, corner-mart, and all the touristy shops. And if you’re feeling super indulgent, you can buy a fresh, pipping hot stroopwafel straight off the iron, from one of Amsterdam’s many street markets.
IMG_2493Stroopwafels are hard to make. Once the batter is mixed and the thin cookie has been baked in the waffle iron, the cookie must then be sliced in half lengthwise, which takes a patient, knowing hand. This step is vital, as a smooth, brown sugar and cinnamon syrup is then slathered between the two cookies before they are sandwiched back together. IMG_2484The best way to eat a stroopwafel is with a hot cup of tea. Place the cookie on top of your mug and let it steam. The caramel in the center will melt and you will be left with a warm, delicious, gooey teatime snack. This is a perfectly acceptable way (and probably the normal-person way) to eat a stroopwafel. However, as I’m a total foodie, I’ve experimented over the years with various ways to deck out a stroop.
IMG_2501Hagelslag are a stroop’s best friend. The Dutch love hagelslag (sprinkles), and frequently eat them on toast for breakfast. I kid you not! I’ve also jumped on the hagelslag bandwagon. However, I prefer to reserve them for sweets.IMG_2522Duopasta is another great Dutch product to mix and match with stroopwafels. It’s basically a hazelnut-vanilla-swirl spread, also intended for toast.IMG_2505You’ve gotta love a smooth, creamy, untouched jar of goodness. There is always a moment of “ahhhh” when your knife first dips the surface.
IMG_2526One of the best and easiest ways to eat a stroopwafel is with a bit of hazelnut spread.  IMG_2534Seriously, whip this one out next time you have guests over. Serve it for dessert with some berries and you will be labelled the hostest with the mostest.
IMG_2574Another great 10-second stroopwafel hack is a chocolate chip cookie impostor. Pile on the vanilla spread followed by some big chocolate sprinkles. Or if you have any on hand, try some chocolate chips.
IMG_2578This one might not be super fancy-pants, but it’s delicious, and looks like a chocolate chip cookie wannabe. IMG_2596Sprinkles are the best pick-me-up. If you’ve had a long day and need a happy treat, try some hazelnut spread with rainbow hagelslag!
IMG_2601 IMG_2623Another combo I’m super guilty for making quite often is the whipped cream and sprinkle tower. Grab a can of whipped cream. Squirt it on as high as you can stomach, and then give it a light dusting of chocolate sprinkles. Quick, simple, and takes the stroopwafel to a whole new level.IMG_2639 As an American, I’m quite partial to peanut butter. So this next stroop-combo is one of my favorites!IMG_2680Lather on the peanut butter.IMG_2694And then chop up a small banana up over the top! Now, you could stop here. But if you were feeling really, really naughty, I would suggest that you put this baby in the microwave for about 15 seconds. This will produce the most melty, delicious dessert ever. Think personal sized peanut butter pie. IMG_2737You can also top this one off with some whipped cream and sprinkles. Always sprinkles.IMG_2770Now, after just recommending the most calorific way to consumer a stroopwafel, I give you something much more dainty and simple. The stroop ‘n jam. Top a stroopwafel with the jelly or jam of your choice and eat up! This version goes particularly well with afternoon tea. IMG_2777 Some days I’m a chocolate gal, and other days I can’t be bothered. Another non-chocolate favorite of mine is the vanilla-strawberry stroop. IMG_2806This one is also a crowd pleaser. Simply spread on your vanilla, and top with a bright, fresh strawberry. IMG_2813 IMG_2831The last, and most definitely not least recipe up my sleeve is another one of my all time favorites. The stroopwafel sandwich!! Plop on a scoop of ice cream . . . IMG_2837And then give ‘er a lid! This is by far the messiest way to eat a stroopwafel, and it is also one of the best! Too hot to cook on a summer night? Have a salad and then balance it out with an ice cream stroop sandwich! You can make this bad-boy with any flavour you like. My favorite is plane-jane vanilla.IMG_2859And there you have it! Next time you’re in the Netherlands, I highly recommend grabbing a bag of stroops and fancying them up! Berries, chocolate, sprinkles, spreads, vanilla ice cream. . . .the possibilities are endless!

Which one would you try??

40 Replies to “Stroopwafels”

  1. Great photos! I hear you about not having familiar comfort foods…next best thing is trying to make them at home! Although peanut butter would probably be a bit difficult… :)


    1. You’re welcome Christie! The rope swing picture you posted reminded me of a special childhood place, so I clicked through to your site. Very happy I did – your posts are refreshingly honest and reflective. I’ll definitely be stopping by again! x


      1. I think they’re getting popular enough that you can find them at most grocery or higher end grocery stores. When I was living in Chicago, I even found them at CVS! They’re basically a speculoos cookie, and the spread is literally crushed up cookies like a peanut butter but a thousand times better. Let me know if you have trouble finding- I’m sure they’re online too!


  2. You can get them in Australia (earlier comment) – you have to look for them though (in supermarkets). They are not big like those other waffles (which I also like, whether Belgian – gaufre, I think, or American style) – I love them all!!! Thank you…and it was great to see that entire evening out – almost as if we were all there with you. been to the Netherlands many times – always a great place to go, winter or summer. Or spring or autumn for that matter.


  3. The first time I saw a stroopwaffel it was balanced carefuly on top of a teacup. This clever trick was not to save plates but to melt the syrup and provide the ultimate treat of a sticky gooey warm soft concoction that blends well with the drink. The circumference of the stroopwaffel fits most cups perfectly with a slight overlap to prevent it falling in – perfect or what!


  4. I love stroopwafels! You can buy them in England in Sainsbury’s, in big and mini varieties. My favourite way to eat them is crumbled into hot porridge instead of honey or sugar. Stroopwafel porridge tastes amazing! Thank you for these gorgeous photos and the other recipe ideas :)


  5. Amazing .. Really Love it your Sooo …. Original and surely tasty servings of Wafers !!!! Thank You fr visiting my Blog … Will keep in touch !!! Amsterdam it is a Lovely City , wishing to visit in the future !! One of my best Ustomers and friends she is from Holland and we were just talking about her spring visit of family and old friends in Holland , feeling to Reconect with her roots ! Much Love to you and looking to see more inspirational posts !!! ❤❤❤:)


  6. Love those things! I have a relative from Holland who always brings back stroops to distribute to everyone… So good!


  7. Ha! Ice cream between stroopwafel… sounds grand, never thought about that. Some US comedian talks about a US version like this. A slice of Neopolitan ice cream between two freshly toasted Pop Tarts…. never tried it, a bit scared to try it. Love the blog from another American in Amsterdam.


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