Pool lokaal De Gracht

The weather outside has been blistery cold, and over the past few weeks I’ve entered into a state of winter hibernation. After work, I bundle up in layers of knit wear and wool, ready to fend frostbite on the icy bike ride home. When I arrive, I crank up the heat and cozy down for a lazy evening of R&R. In this frosty weather, it’s hard to find the motivation to bike anywhere unnecessary, and to be honest, I’m quite enjoying my lazy weeknights in!

However, it’s been ages since I’ve seen my good friends Tom and Melissa, so when they invited B and I out on a little double date, we decided to brave the cold and meet up for a beer and a friendly Tuesday night game of pool.


IMG_2886Pool lokaal De Gracht is a warm, cozy pool hall – the perfect destination for a gezellig Tuesday night. 
IMG_2885They have numerous pool tables, a full service bar, and a few dart boards if you’re in the mood for something a bit different.IMG_2887It was quite lively for a Tuesday night, filled with friendly students and locals.IMG_2896I was quite impressed with the pink and polka dot balls!IMG_2909
IMG_2924We had a friendly match of boys vs. girls, which got quite competitive quite quickly, as Melissa and I completely owned the first game. Sorry boys ;)IMG_2925 IMG_2937 IMG_2962IMG_2936 IMG_2964 copyThe boys made a quick comeback, and after two games we decided to end the night on a friendly draw.
IMG_2971 A fun night, definitely worth braving the cold. If you’re ever in or around Amsterdam and want to shake up your weeknight routine, check out Pool lokaal De Gracht!

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