Do you ever have a day where you’re sitting at your desk, just wishing you could be somewhere else? Shopping. Indulging in chocolate. Sipping champagne? Instead you’re stuck jotting notes and typing e-mails, worrying over this and that. You pop up for a five minute tea break, only to realize that you must be dreaming. Because on your way to the kitchen you spot a frilly, decedent cashmere and champagne pop up party, right smack in the middle of your office. Pinch me, Friday!


Crumpet is a luxury cashmere brand, all the rave in the UK. Their soft and sexy designs beg to be fondeld and drooled over.
IMG_2984And yesterday, in a lusty dream-like fashion, Crumpet invaded 180.

IMG_2987 We were given a special, introductory offer, as we were the first lucky folks to host Crumpet in the Netherlands.


All of their products are dreamy soft, the kind of sweaters that lovingly hug you all day long.

IMG_2993IMG_3005 We were given pink champagne, and asked to play, touch, browse, and shop our little hearts out.

IMG_2994 Their silk and cashmere scarves were decadently soft.

IMG_2998 And their hooded jumpers were cozy and supple.


IMG_3000We filled our bellies with sweat treats, and our arms with as much cashmere as we could carry. IMG_2990


IMG_3019My favorites were the sparkle pieces, for their glittery contrast – soft and shiny, sexy and sweet!IMG_3008

IMG_3022 The best part was watching everyone shop. There’s always a sense of cheeky excitement when gals find a great steal.

IMG_3031And so I returned to my desk, buzzed on champagne and high on Crumpets and cashmere. Was this real? I’m still not convinced it wasn’t all a dream! x

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