Month of Love

MonthOfLove2If January is for resolutions, February is for love.

This is my first Valentine’s Day as an engaged gal, and I’m sure it will be super-duper-lovey-dovey special.

But significant others aside, it’s nice to take a moment and appreciate love in general – whether it’s for a new neighbor, an old friend, a family member, or simply yourself.

I like to think that my day-to-day life is infused with lots of love. Small acts of giving, respect, and kindness can go a long way. They brighten your soul and make the world a more cheerful place!

I didn’t really have a resolution in January, so I am back-tracking a bit and dedicating the month of February to being a better me. Every day I am going to consciously love, whether it’s towards others or myself.

Care to join? There are no rules, and acts can be as big or as small as you like. You can buy a friend a coffee, send a postcard to a family member, or you can drink a warm cup of tea before bed and enjoy a tranquil moment of relaxation by yourself. You probably do lots of these things anyways. The point is to consciously think about these acts as you do them.

I’ve made a little calendar to help keep track of the love I share. Each day I will jot down a small note or reminder to document my act of love for that day.

At the end of the month, I’m looking forward to having a tangible realization of just how much love flourishes in my day to day life.


If you click on the calendar, it will take you to the image-only page. From here you can right click and save the image, and it will download at the perfect size for printing on an A3 piece of paper.

I’ll be keeping track every day, as will a few special ladies in my life. I’ll check back in and give an update sooon!


10 Replies to “Month of Love”

  1. This is a cool idea! It’s nice to take those small steps to becoming a better person. Sometimes we forget to think of others because we’re so focused on ourselves. This is a unique way to try to better ourselves.


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