My Maine Wedding

Yesterday I came down with an awful, achy fever. I’ve been alternating between too hot and too cold, and my muscles feel like they’re having a drunken, raging dance party without me. Walking is a painful chore, so all day I’ve been confined to bedrest. Which is horrible, because a) I haven’t had to take a sick day from work in 3 years (there goes my awesome record), and b) I absolutely hate doing nothing.

I’m a wicked multitasker. At work I write e-mails and listen to music and browse Facebook all at once, and to be honest, this is the most efficient way for me to focus. I always listen best when my hands are moving (hello chronic doodler) and my mind can pointedly wander (still in the room) as opposed to aimlessly wander (down the road at Starbucks).

Anyways, today sucked because I suck at doing nothing. I alternated between sleeping and internetting and catching up on Girls. Sounds luxurious but it was horrible. The one good thing that came out of today was my new tumblr blog. I’m planning a wedding and I wanted to be able to keep track of my ideas and likes visually.

And thus My Maine Wedding was born. It’s really just a digital photo scrapbook, and will hopefully help me make some decisions on colors and themes and all of that girly wedding junk. Here’s a little taste of some of my favorites that are on the site so far. 

If you like what you see, you can find more photos I’ve posted here. I’ve been super digitally productive today (as I’ve been cuddled with my laptop in bed for the past 11 hours), but hopefully I can keep up my wedding scrapbook even once I’ve beaten this nasty cold. That said, I think it’s time for more honey lemon tea and some chicken noodle soup! Until next time chickies. x

PS. While most of the photos I post are mine, this is just a random hodge-podge collection from the net.

12 Replies to “My Maine Wedding”

  1. When I see photographs like I this I suddenly want to get married right away haha! They look so cosy and lovely, I love it. I adore the picture of the red-haired girl with the gold sequined vest, she looks so genuinely happy. xo


    1. Ohh cool!! I love how small the world really is! I live in Amsterdam but my family is from Scarborough, so I’m “European” at the moment but a Maine gal at heart! Kennebunkport is beautiful, I have never been there when the sun wasn’t shinning :)


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