Slutty Sunday: Cheesy Bread Baby

I just made the most devilish and delicious Sunday treat. A molten, melting cheesy bread baby.

For the most part, I cook quite clean. Farm fresh fruits and veggies. Whole ingredients, lean proteins. But every once in a while I love to whip out a naughty recipe, just to remind B that yes, my cooking can be super slutty from time to time. And good lord, today was one of those naughty days.

I found this recipe at The Londoner, in a blog post titled Sweet Baby Cheesus. And oh my cheesus, blasphemy is completely warranted. The recipe calls for three ingredients – camembert, croissant dough, and apricot jam. I kicked things up a notch and adapted her recipe, making my own compote. However, the flaky croissant and the molten, melting cheese (arguably the most important bits) have stayed the same

IMG_3349So to get started, you’ll need a little wheel of camembert and one of those pop-cans of pre-made croissants. Mine had 6 in it and this was just enough.IMG_3351You can use jam, or go my route and make a fresh fruit compote. I used a cup of cranberries (the fresh ones I bought yesterday at the farmer’s market), and an orange and 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to stir up a quick jam. IMG_3360Pop your cranberries in a small saucepan with the rind and juice from your orange. Add in two tablespoons of brown sugar. You could use white sugar or even honey. Just a bit of sweet to cut the tart berries. IMG_3385 IMG_3395Put the saucepan on a medium heat and stir your berries every now and again. Your cranberries will pop open and melt into a gooey, rich jam. Cook for about ten minutes, or until your jam is thick and sweet.IMG_3407Pop open your can of rolls, and without detaching any, lay them out across a baking tray. I lined my baking tray with brown paper. Smear on a layer of the cranberry compote in the middle.IMG_3431And then put your camembert smack on top.
IMG_3442Pile the rest of your cranberry jam on top of the cheese.IMG_3446 IMG_3458And then swaddle her up!IMG_3467Start by folding one end of the dough over the cheese, and then wrap the remaining dough around the outside, covering the whole wheel. Repeat with the other side, until you have a little snug cheesy-bread bundle. IMG_3469I decorated mine with some cranberries before popping her in the oven. IMG_3476 She’ll need to cook for 10-15 minutes, or until the bread is golden brown. In the meantime, prep the fruit you want to dunk in your camembert. I went for grapes, cranberries, apples, and dates. For a savory twist, you could do veggies and go for cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, etc.
IMG_3511When you can smell the sweet scent of those flaky, fresh, warm rolls drifting through the kitchen, you know she’s ready to come out of the oven!IMG_3498Carefully remove your cheesy-bread baby from the oven, and prepare yourself for the most epic feast ever. If you’re fancy, you can put her on a plate.
IMG_3502 IMG_3509Now, dig in!
IMG_3513You will discover the most buttery, sweet, tart, savory, cheesy – everything! – little treat you have ever tasted.IMG_3527To quote The Londoner, oh my sweet baby cheesus.  
IMG_3533Dip, dunk, and swirl until you can’t no more. And please excuse B’s dirty man hands. He washed and scrubbed but called it quits at my OK, as everyone knows that cheese is the best when it’s the meltiest!IMG_3537

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  1. Love baked Brie! Thanks for visiting and liking my Blog! Next time you are back in the states, take some comfort food back with you.


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