Indoor Tent

Last night, B was feeling a bit under the weather, and I was in the mood for pajamas and pizza. So we agreed to spend a cozy night in, watching movies on the projector and eating (way too much) junk food. To accompany our impromptu slumber party, we also decided to build a tent. indoor tent

Luckily, B is a very skilled tent-builder, as living room camping is a favorite pastime of ours. B expertly created an impressive canopy of blankets, pillows, and sheets. We both helped decorate the tent with some leftover Christmas lights.IMG_3715IMG_3714IMG_3717 IMG_3719 IMG_3727 IMG_3731IMG_3739Decorating soon turned into playing, as we are way too easily amused by bright and shiny things. IMG_3738The finishing touch to our tent was the mattress, which we decided to drag into the living room at the last minute. So not only were we indulging in pizza – we were indulging in pizza, in bed, in a tent. Deliciously naughty!IMG_3743 IMG_3744indoor tent IMG_3749 IMG_3751 IMG_3758 IMG_3762 IMG_3765 indoor tent IMG_3777Our indoor tent also served as a personal drive-in movie theater. Tucked inside, we were conveniently positioned right in front of the projector. We caught up on Suits, watched some Family Guy, and then projected stars onto the wall. IMG_3809IMG_3775We spent the night in the living room, snuggled in our cozy homemade den.

An indoor tent would be a great surprise for Valentine’s Day – it’s romantic and fun – an intimate, creative way to spend a night with your favorite person!!

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