A Bit of Sap

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely people! I had another post in mind for today, but at the last minute decided to be ballsy and share something a bit more personal. As it’s Valentine’s Day, I am going to do a bit of public wooing! B is a super special guy and deserves a bit of attention every now and then. But a lot of the time I work really late. Or suck at expressing myself with words. What comes out of my mouth is always raw. I’m not poetic or premeditated, and I’m better at baking cupcakes than writing sonnets. I leave my clothes on the floor. I never buy milk. I forget to lock the door at night and I’m an annoyingly slow biker. I’m bossy and a bit neurotic. So this post is for B, who continues to love me day in and day out, even though sometimes I don’t know why. 180245_602219106610_1110288254_n He’s patient and kind, and never makes me feel bad for being me. I love how much he loves his family. How we have the same taste for adventure, but completely different backgrounds. He’s lived in Spain, Paris, Hong Kong, New York, and London. And yet he never makes me feel silly for being a country bumpkin from Maine. He’s handsome and giving. He’s never once raised his voice with me or stormed out on a tough conversation. He’s incredibly talented and skilled at his job, and I love watching the light in his eyes as he works from home late at night. He always asks if we can get a dog, and sends me puppy pictures at least once a week. He does that same goofy dance when he’s happy on a Saturday night. He always makes sure there’s milk in the fridge. And he brings me tea in bed every morning. 527996_602219041740_894236599_n We have romantic candlelit dinners on work nights, build forts in the living room, and go on long evening walks around Amsterdam. On Friday night we like to go to the gym. Or just lie around and watch movies. We’re boring and old together, and sometimes we’re young and fun. We have tickle fights in the kitchen. We try new things and see new places. We cook random Turkish recipes at home and dine out at hole-in-the wall Dutch restaurants. We have spontaneous dance parties. We travel together and always will. We live ‘normal’ lives but both crave adventure and change. B’s my we, my best friend, and my sweetheart. I don’t believe in the one, but let me tell you, he’s the best one. And I’m the luckiest girl. 548036_602219056710_930631389_n So thank you B, for that time you walked me home, three years ago today. When you playfully pushed me up against the fence, and kissed me goodnight for the first time. I had the sweetest dreams of you that night, and now your my sweetheart, for the rest of our nights.

Happy 3rd anniversary B, and happy Valentine’s Day

To the moon and back ;)

10 Replies to “A Bit of Sap”

  1. That was so beautiful. You and B make a wonderful we. Keep loving like that and the then there’ll be three–you’ll let him get a dog.God Bless You! :)


  2. thank you for visiting my blog and liking “Acceptance.” I’ve thoroughly enjoyed looking at your blog! I like the style, your pictures and writing. Keep it up! I want a B!


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