Glow Golf

On Saturday night, sweet Mandy invited a bunch of us out to celebrate her birthday. She mandated a round of glow golf and several rounds of beer. Of course we obliged, and embarked on a magical, mystical, super trippy evening of glow golf and techno color times. IMG_4456GlowGolf Amsterdam is located on the Prins Hendrikkade, a quick, 60 second bike ride from Central Station. At first, GlowGolf looks like your typical brown pub. However, below lurks and awesome black-lit den, filled with glowing creatures and stoner art. Once you’ve had a beer (or two or three) a GlowGolf employee will hand you a club and send you on your way, down the stairs and into the GlowGolf arena. May the odds be ever in your favor!IMG_4469We split into two teams, Team America and Team UK. B was an honorary American for the evening, as we were slightly out-numbered by the Brits. Team America was pretty kick ass, and we plowed our way through an obstacle course of techno robots and slimy sea monsters.IMG_4451IMG_4445

IMG_4443IMG_4446IMG_4491I just so happened to be sporting a stars and stripes head-warmer, a conveniently timed wardrobe decision. Team USA!IMG_4447IMG_4461Ohh, and did I mention that GlowGolf is in 3-D!? If you think GloGolf looks trippy, try navigating the course in 3-D glasses!! Props to Ashly for being hardcore, and rocking the glasses like a pro. IMG_4489IMG_4482IMG_4475IMG_4470 IMG_4455 IMG_4460

IMG_4499After 14 holes we were ready for another pint. We tallied our scores and moved on to the final hole – a looping hill with a bottomless pit at the end. We said goodbye to our balls and clunked them into the final black hole of no return.


Team America came out victorious at GlowGolf, however, Team UK killed it on the dace floor later that evening and were the last birthday-bashers standing. A victorious win for both countries, and a pretty sweet birthday party for Mandy! x

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