Update: Month of Love

A couple weeks ago, I told you all about my Month of Love. During February, I was challenged to do something kind for others or myself every day. At the end of each day I jotted down my act of love, and at the end of February I was rewarded with a beautiful calendar, filled with acts of love and kindness.MonthofLove

As you can see, my acts of love ranged from big to small. Some acts, such as building a tent with B, were shared with you here on my blog. Others, such as donating jewelry to a women’s shelter for Valentine’s Day, sending flowers family in the States, and making goodies for the office, were less documented but just as special. And the really little things, such as drinking milk from a wine glass (ouh la la!), organizing the house, and doing a bit of weight training at the gym seemed small at the time, but all contributed to a full month of love and happiness. The Month of Love gave me a reason to smile at the end of each day, and, erm, also served as an excuse to do a bit of celebratory shopping at the end of February. For my final act, I wrote out postcards to family and friends in the UK and US. But I also gave myself a little treat:

IMG_4773 IMG_4776I’ve told you all about how much I absolutely dread March. Well, the last day of February conveniently fell on a Thursday, so all of the shops were open late and I found myself in de Bijenkorf, admiring this sweet Marc Jacobs scent. It reminded me of spring, sunshine, fresh flowers, and warm summer nights. IMG_4792 IMG_4812 IMG_4829

So I made it mine and brought it home. A little splurge and a final, decadent indulgence invested in the Month of Love – hopefully enough to get me though the month of March!!

See you next year, Month of Love. x

6 Replies to “Update: Month of Love”

    1. Thank you!! Half the stuff I did was for myself, so it was a tad selfish too ;) And sometimes I would be doing something nice anyways, and then realize that it could count towards my Month of Love. It’s nice to learn how many good deeds already exist in your day to day routine!


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