Tall Boots & Javanese

Today, B got some great news. We came home from work, popped a bottle of champagne, and sipped bubbly until our Friday night turned into a full blown giggle fest. Light headed and grinning, I cheekily mentioned that as a special congratulations-treat, I would do whatever B wanted for the remainder of the evening. He could have had anything under the sun, but he took the typical guy route.  B requested date night, consisting of a tight dress, heels, and a fat-kid meal out. Easy as pie. I made a slight upgrade to my Friday wardrobe, transforming my daytime H&M tank into a nighttime dress, threw on the tallest boots in my closet, and was ready to rock-n-roll.

We snuggled into our coats and hit the road. B asked if we could go back to our new favorite Javanese restaurant, which was a fabulous idea, because the food there is lip smackin’ delicious. It’s also in the neighborhood, which was an added treat as my boots were slightly tricky to walk in!
The “B is a star!” photo!
On a typical Friday night, it’s impossible to get a seat at Warung Spang Makandra. But as B and I had worked late and then sipped champagne at the house for a bit, we got to the restaurant a bit late and were lucky enough to be the last ones seated. On a typical evening, expect to stand around for a seat. The place is small but the service is super quick. You can’t reserve a table ahead of time. 
The decor is simple. Dim lighting, red walls, and exotic trees. There’s a counter in the back that the chef hides behind and tables that run along both walls of the narrow restaurant. IMG_4991 We settled in. . . IMG_4989 And had a good laugh over how B’s attire was perfectly coordinated with the walls!IMG_5000IMG_4996The menu features a mix of Suriname, Indonesian, and Java dishes. Everything is written in Dutch, which is fine, because we never quite know what to expect anyways!IMG_4999IMG_4998We usually just ask the waiter to bring us his personal favorite starters and then pick a main off of the specials list.IMG_5014 To start we got a fried banana with peanut sauce and a tasty spring roll to share.IMG_5011The banana was heavenly as always, and the spring roll was yummy as well. But we restrained ourselves and only nibbled, because we knew the main event would be spectacular. We both got the Spang Makandra Special, which had peanut tasting noodles, fried rice, long fried egg strips, little crispy flakes of duck, satay chicken skewers, chicken in some kind of soy sauce, salad, beans, a delicious potato fritter and some prawn crackers. Holy love on a plate. IMG_5018IMG_5019The portions are as big as your head, and are surprisingly affordable. IMG_5022We also sprung for the most amazing drink. As the restaurant is halal, they don’t serve any beer or wine. But there are plenty of pubs in the neighborhood, and the service at Warung Spang Makandra is so quick, you would hardly have time to finish a beer anyways! This also means that the juice is incredibly good and homemade. The ginger juice is out of this world – spicy, refreshing and sweet! I may pop in sometime just to buy this juice to-go.IMG_5025IMG_5020We dug into our meals, and as always, were incredibly impressed with all of the unique, delicious, and tasty food in front of us! I politely put away my camera for the rest of the evening, as this was B’s special night and he deserved 100% of my attention.

It was a fantastic date, evening, and meal – the perfect impromptu celebration on a Friday night! x

11 Replies to “Tall Boots & Javanese”

  1. When I see your pics, I think I recognize them. Yup, since I am Indonesian and Looove Javanese food. So I am excited to read what comes after I saw the pics. Conclusion? definitely like your post here :)


  2. Thanks for Sharing this …
    Realy enjoyed to read and makes me Smile
    Those photo impressions Do Works but the Nice Writing makes the Story alive Big Like!


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