I live in the land of Delft. Tourist shops are littered with royal blue and white trinkets, and upscale china boutiques sell beautiful, authentic handmade Delft pieces. I’ve been craving a bit of Delft in my life. In fact, I’ve had these sheets on my spring wish list for the past three weeks. They’re beautiful and airy and incredibly Dutch.

They’re also from Ikea, which means they’re super affordable. But kind of a pain in the butt to obtain, as this means taking a train trip outside of town, winding through a museum-like, industrial sized retail store, and eating a nasty Ikea hotdog that I will inevitably be unable to resist. . . because it takes so damn long to get through the store, and I’m always starving by the end!

Anyways, this post isn’t about Ikea, or hotdogs. It’s about beautiful Delft colors, which have been trending on my personal Pinterest page. So kick up your feet, relax your mind, and feast your eyes on some Delft. Bon appetit!

14 Replies to “Delft”

    1. I agree. It’s rare that a specific art style is so timeless, and is still reflected in so many aspects of our culture today. . . from fashion to iPhone covers! You can see the Delft influences in so many places, and it’s all very eye catching :)


  1. SO beautiful! Now *I* have those sheets on my wishlist, too ;) Good to know they’re from Ikea, I’ve been meaning to look around the website for a few days now. Let’s see if I can find these on their Hungarian or Romanian site.


  2. I love the color combo of blue and white — it’s just so clean and refreshing. I especially love the Delft fashions. I’m drooling over that Christian Dior dress. :)


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