Doug the Dog

This past weekend, my super cool friend and upstairs neighbor, Shawn, was doing a bit of puppy sitting. The pup’s name was Doug. Doug was a super hungry, rambunctious little dude who wanted to dig his cute button nose into absolutely everything. On Saturday morning, Shawn brought Doug down to play. He quickly claimed the couch.

IMG_5062 And then the table.IMG_5041And then the entire neighborhood! King Doug watched over his realm . . . IMG_5036Which is apparently quite a  tiring job! So after about ten minutes of skittering around on the coffee table, he decided it was time for a little rest. He watched us go about our Saturday chores with a cute little grin on his face. IMG_5051But soon Doug got bored of hanging out in the apartment and asked if he could go outside. We kindly obliged, and strolled through the neighborhood, stopping for a coffee and croissant at the end of our walk. We kept a careful eye on Doug, who in turn kept a careful eye on our croissant!
IMG_5070 IMG_5072We had bought some afternoon treats, but Doug had other plans. There would be no leisurely coffee-sipping that day. IMG_5073Because Doug wanted a treat as well, and let this be known. Again and again and again. IMG_5074After several loud yelps and quite a big of begging, we decided to try another tactic. We abandoned the coffee shop and met up with B, who agreed to help us tire out little Douggie. We walked around the park again and again, until Doug was absolutely pooped – literally and figuratively.IMG_5081IMG_5080At the end of our journey, we made a small pit stop, and tried a new treat-tactic. Instead of dinning out, we stocked up on as many goodies as our arms could carry. IMG_5102 We made it home with beer, wine, gum, pound cake, and enough Haribo to see us through a small nuclear holocaust. IMG_5103After an evening of Haribo and giggles, we took Sir Douglas on one final, epic walk. It was absolutely freezing so we alternated between jogging, walking, and shivering!IMG_5149Doug loved it!IMG_5151 IMG_5160At one point we came across a row of cars covered in ice. Like popsicles in a freezer, we decided it was time to turn back to the apartment!
IMG_5155 We said a final goodbye and goodnight to Doug, our fun weekend buddy! Hopefully he’ll be back for another visit again soon! x

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