This past week has been insane. I’ve had Diageo clients in town, a super cool but super early ASICS shoot on Wednesday, and loads of day-to-day football work on Western Union. It’s exciting and I love being busy, but my brain is starting to hurt! So on Friday night, I did the most wonderful thing I could think of. Absolutely nothing.

B and I hunkered down in the living room with some greasy Chinese takeaway. We cranked up the tunes, played a few rounds of Uno, and talked about anything and everything except work. A bit later in the evening Shawn came down to join us for a bit coloring. We caught up and ate Nutella directly from the jar. It wasn’t glamorous, but it was amazing. 

Do you like the colors? I’ve recently discovered my camera has a built-in editing suite, so I’ve been experimenting with different grades and shades.


IMG_5213I absolutly love to doodle. Oddly enough, when my hand is moving, I think better and feel happier. It’s a half-minded task, which often results in odd looking shapes and animals. 
IMG_5203 IMG_5208




Once we’d polished off the Nutella, it was time to call it a night. My brain was fried and it was time to dream :) Thankfully the remainder of the weekend has been restful and fun! More updates to come! x

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