Fluff Muffin

I’d had another post in mind for today, but then something amazing happened . . . I met two of the most adorable kittens ever, Malcolm and Crumble. Say hi!

IMG_5395These two little balls of fluff stole my heart, and our new friendship warranted an immediate blog post!IMG_5398Crumble is the ginger tigress on the right with stunning green eyes. Malcolm her naughty brother. IMG_5400Look at that cheeky grin!IMG_5387Crumble loves to hug, kiss, and squish her brother. IMG_5418Both Malcolm and Crumble are Norwegian Forest cats. They may be cute little balls of fluff right now, but in a few months they will be tall, strong forest cats who love to climb and play.IMG_5419But in the meantime, their cute pink button noses, tiny whiskers, and silky soft fur just make you want to scoop them up and hug them forever and ever.IMG_5403 IMG_5413Harriet and Dan are lucky enough to be the parents of this adorable duo.
IMG_5411 They’ve said that Malcolm is quite the sassy cat, where as Crumble is much more lady-like and polite.

IMG_5431IMG_5422I don’t think this face looks mischievous at all!IMG_5425In fact, both kittens were quite docile while we were there, and dozed like babies all afternoon. IMG_5430

IMG_5454IMG_5449IMG_5452IMG_5456Even when we picked up little Crumble, she just kept right on sleeping!
IMG_5457 IMG_5459IMG_5458IMG_5461 She woke up momentarily when she noticed a spot on her brother’s head that required a bit of cleaning.IMG_5467And then of course went right back to sleep!IMG_5471Ah, the life of a cat!IMG_5440IMG_5477IMG_5441IMG_5437IMG_5474I have very bad case of kitten envy. Malcolm and Crumble are gorgeous! Luckily, Harriet and Dan live right in the neighborhood, so hopefully there will be more kitten fun to come! x

29 Replies to “Fluff Muffin”

  1. Such beautiful cats! Never heard of this branch of cats but noted the tall pointing ears right away, as well as the facial bones. A bit different than domestics here.


  2. Thanks for sharing the pics of the kittens. We adopted a Norwegian Forest cat that seems like she’s the runt of the litter. Her name is Ariel. At full grown she appears to be about as big as the kittens in your pics. I understand this breed can get very large. Ariel is sweet as can be. She likes attention and when she wants it she’ll persistently butt you with her little head. -Bob


    1. Ohh cool! I’ve never met anyone else with a Norwegian Forest cat. You’re lucky that she stayed so small – I would love to have a kitten that stays a kitten forever! I have a sneaky feeling that Crumble and Malcolm will be taking over H&D’s house soon. . .


  3. Oh My God, they are adorable, so beautiful !!!
    We love cats, everybody in our family has at least one .
    Some neighbours have such cats, sister & brother as well, (Merlin & Maya ) !


  4. Such beautiful kittens! And photography – the colours and detail are exquisite! May I be so bold as to ask what kind of camera you use? I use a film camera at the moment, but it gets quite expensive with all the processing..
    Thank you very much for your blog – I am going to Amsterdam this Christmas and already planning to follow some of your advice (definitely going to the Noodermarkt!) – so dankjewel :)
    Very best,
    Cathy x


    1. Thank you for the kitten compliments! I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i, but in this particular instance I think the lighting pouring into the room is to credit for the beautiful quality. If you need any extra Amsterdam tips, let me know. And I hope you have a fantastic time!! :)


      1. Thank you so much for your speedy and full reply! Indeed the light, and the lightness of the house, surely helped make the photos – it’s so great when everything comes together! Thanks again and I’ll let you know (in January, lol!) how Amsterdam goes!
        Have a great day and enjoy the weekend!! :) xx


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