Easter Eggs

Happy almost-Easter! This week has been mental. . . five days of work packed into three, followed by a late night trip to the UK and the consequent rush of family, friends, and fun in London Town. I’ve indulged in some amazing food and have done some serious shopping. I’ve also explored some really cool neighbourhoods and have instigated some damn good dance parties. It’s all been wonderful fun, but a far cry from the country Easters I’m accustomed to. The ones where I wake up at my parent’s big old farmhouse, hunt eggs, open Easter baskets, enjoy a warm-cooked breakfast, and eat way to much chocolate throughout the day. So before I left for the UK, I made sure to observe one of my family’s favorite Easter pastimes – colouring eggs.

IMG_5478I invited my girlfriend Iona over for a lazy Sunday dinner, and then surprised her with 20 pearly-white hard boiled eggs for dessert.IMG_5482I had a hard time finding egg dye in Amsterdam, so I improvised based on what was hanging out in the fridge. Beet juice for red and turmeric for yellow, plus a huge handful of markers and gel pens for tiny details. IMG_5484IMG_5488 IMG_5490 IMG_5497We created bunnies, dots, hearts, and rasta-eggs. IMG_5495 IMG_5499IMG_5510Iona created my favorite egg – a Rembrant-like sketch that perfectly captured Amsterdam’s beautiful scape. IMG_5512I won the ‘creepiest egg’ award for creating a little monster, reminiscent of a Tim Burton film. I ate him first.

IMG_5507Iona also won a superlative in the creepy-food category for the lamb butter she found in the super market. It was a thoughtful Easter treat, but I wouldn’t be surprised to come home and find this guy hanging out in our bed, completely possessed and settled in. Lamb shaped butter? Only in Holland!



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