Easter Sunday

I have more London adventures to share, but before the holiday has completely escaped us, I thought I would post a timely Easter quickie. For Easter Sunday, B and I had planned on heading up to Leicester to visit B’s grandparents. Originally, we were going to stay with them for a few nights, but they were both feeling really under the weather. We still managed to stop by for a few hours to say hello, but accommodation wise, we had to do a bit of last minute reshuffling. Luckily, we were able to make the best of the situation and checked ourselves in to a swanky, countryside spa for Easter

IMG_5828But before any of that happened, we found ourselves in Leicester city center, waiting at the train station – where we saw the most un-Easter Sunday sign ever!IMG_5833We ate Easter breakfast in the car. We had the most British, Easter fare the grocery store had to offer – Scotch eggs and Cadbury chocolate! This was my first Scotch egg, and I am ashamed to admit that I most certainly will have another. Is it wrong that I want to try ketchup with a Scotch egg?
Quite a few of B’s family members live in Leicester, so we also paid a Sunday visit to his aunt and uncle. Here I was introduced to his cousin’s bunny, Itchy. 
Another first on Easter – the first time I have held a rabbit! I’m sure you’ve noticed my recent pet-envy posts. Kittens, puppies. . . Now I want a little fluff bunny as well!IMG_5843After a short visit to B’s grandparents, we had finished the family-homage. It was time to check in to our spa-hotel! We spend so much time in Amsterdam, and had enjoyed most of the long weekend roaming the city of London – it was a nice change of pace to visit a private hideaway in the countryside.
IMG_5848Our room was modest but cute. The most appreciated feature was the absolute quiet drifting in through the sunny window. IMG_5852Not long after our arrival we changed into our fluffy robes and slippers and went to find the spa. IMG_5862 IMG_5864 IMG_5873

IMG_5900 IMG_5887The facilities were tranquil and quiet. Apparently no one else wants to go to the spa on Easter! We had steam rooms, saunas, whirlpools, and a huge swimming pool all to ourselves. 
IMG_5904 IMG_5906My favorite spa-feature was the huge ceramic bear head mounted on the wall. Every so often a gush of ice would slosh from his mouth! There were then big wooden buckets and spoons you could then use to stoke the thermostat in the sauna with. Bliss. IMG_5910 IMG_5912 IMG_5917 IMG_5918We floated around for several hours, hopping from steam room to plunge pool to sauna and back!IMG_5957We left completely relaxed, ready for an Easter supper, featuring whatever room service had to offer!IMG_5898In the next photo, you will notice B’s guilty face. This is because the room service menu kind of sucked. Pizza, prawns, meat pies? Not for us. We’d had way too much pizza over the past 48 hours! So instead, we opted to get some take away. And not just take away from one place. We really couldn’t decide. B wanted Chinese and I wanted Indian, so we treated ourselves to both. It was Easter dinner, after all!IMG_5963IMG_5961So we feasted on naan and curry and sweet and sour chicken, all whilst watching an episode of The Walking Dead. 
IMG_5965While our Easter didn’t consist of the traditional Sunday mass, Easter egg hunt, and family dinner, it was surly an Easter to be remembered! Scotch eggs, bunnies, pools, and naan? A girl could get used to this! x

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  1. It’s not weird at all you want to eat ketchup with scotch eggs, I do it! I do it with pork pies too :P It adds to the flavour. I’m glad you had fun in London though! I miss living there :D


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