Lucky Chip, Camden London

Day two in London was very similar to day one. Exploring neighborhoods, spending time with friends, and eating lots of food!IMG_5595What do you have for breakfast in England? Crumpets, of course. After a delicious breakfast of crumpets with peanut butter and jelly (about as American you can make crumpets!) we headed out to meet up with some friends at Lucky Chip in Camden.
IMG_5598IMG_5601I’ve heard rave reviews about Lucky Chip chicken, and was dying for a big greasy bucket. Lucky Chip is a pop up joint without a super permanent home. I’d heard they’d recently taken residence at the The Grafton Arms in Kentish Town, so we popped on by to see what all the fuss was about.
IMG_5640IMG_5641From the outside, the Gradton looks like any other pub. But inside, you will find colorful Lucky Chip menus and greasy food galore. Sadly, Lucky Chip rotate their chicken pop up location. So while we did manage to stumble upon a Lucky Chip pop-up, we missed out on the chicken and were handed their burger menu instead. Luckily, there were no burger-haters in the group, and in all honesty, Lucky Chip burgers have an even BETTER reputation in London than the chicken. I’ve heard that it’s hands down the best burger in the city. We were happy to judge for ourselves! 
IMG_5605I went for a Kelly Lebrock, the burger of the week. A patty stacked with bacon, onions, cheddar, cream cheese, and aioli. Holy aioli! I also got a ginger beer.IMG_5609 IMG_5611Ohh, and some coleslaw and fries also made their way to our table. IMG_5613 IMG_5614B got his burger first and dug in.IMG_5616Mine came not long after and truly reflected all of the glory promised in the menu. Cheddar. Bacon. More cheese. Burger bliss!!IMG_5618 IMG_5620 IMG_5622We sat downstairs for the ambiance, as it was mid-day and the upstairs was completely empty. However, upstairs is also a cool hang out option and feels even more bit more Lucky Chip themed – worth checking out next time!IMG_5633 IMG_5635 IMG_5637After our burgers, I begged the guys to escort me to the nearest H&M. I was going to Project that night with a girlfriend, and they have a strickt must-wear-heels policy. I needed some tall but comfy dancing booties, and H&M was the easiest place I could think to go to on such short notice. So after a quick google search we headed towards the heart of Camden, in hunt of an H&M. IMG_5644Camden is like Shoreditch, in that the neighborhood makes an impression. It’s not like Central London where the vibe is generally ‘British’. Camden is a blend of culture, art, and people, in a melting pot hodgepodge neighborhood. A lot of the scenery feels like an attraction – as if it were built for a touristy pier or waterfront boardwalk. . . except in Camden the ocean is no where to be seen, and the buildings are brick instead of a summery clapbaord. IMG_5649 IMG_5651 IMG_5652We stumbled upon Camden Lock Village and browsed through the stalls, taking in the market’s sights and smells. IMG_5676IMG_5656 IMG_5661IMG_5657I found a moose shirt and was proud to see a tiny bit of Maine’s finest represented in the UK.IMG_5663 IMG_5667 IMG_5672 IMG_5673We left the market and hit the streets, which proved to be another adventure packed with color and fun. The boys headed off to get a coffee and I went in search of H&M. 
IMG_5678 IMG_5679 IMG_5680The streets were packed with people, and it made me realize how I’ve missed mixing in with an English speaking crowd. In Holland I cannot understand what anyone is saying! I confess, I miss the occasional mindless eavesdrop. In this sense, it’s refreshing to be in London. While in Camden, a little kid ran up to me and smiled. It was a privilege to be able to say “Hi” in English, and not have the child look at me like an alien! 
IMG_5682 IMG_5683After a little pit stop at Snow White’s for dessert, I found H&M, mixed in alongside some truly funky shops!IMG_5686Camden is definitely a neighborhood with a personality, and I definitely recommend a stop, even if you don’t get any further than Lucky Chip! As mentioned, you can find them at The Grafton Arms in Kentish Town. Also, be sure to follow Lucky_Chip on Twitter for updates. x

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