Bar Carts

You know you’re a big kid when you lust after home decor. Fresh linnens, delicate chinaware, statement artwork – things I never would have pined over five years ago now have a prominent ranking on my lust-list. I blame Pintrest for fueling my nesting addiction. Most recently, I’m obsessing over bar carts.

Am I too young to have a bar cart? Possibly.

Do I drink enough alcohol to have a bar cart? Probably not.

But I love the idea of having a little hostess cart on wheels – something to roll around and offer your guests colorful straws and exotic liquors from. I’ve been collecting inspiration for my own bar cart, which I am intent on creating this summer. Here’s a snapshot of my inspiration:


10 thoughts on “Bar Carts

    • Loods 5 usually has really trendy and cute furniture, and I saw some bar carts there about a month ago. If you’re looking for something more vintage, Van Dijk en Ko in the north has beautiful and well-loved furniture pieces and you could very well score on there!


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