Queen’s Day Cupcakes

This post is a bit delayed because I’ve been recovering. Queen’s Night was amazing, Queen’s Day even more so. And by amazing, I mean drinking-dancing-sunshine-boozing-laughing-smiling-no-sleep-oh-my-god-it’s-only-Tuesday amazing.

As you might guess, once the festivities are over, it takes the city a while to crawl back to normal. The celebratory stages and stalls are packed away, the trash slowly swept from the streets. Off go the tourists and back to work goes the hungover city. Short weeks are great, but not when you spend them brutally tired, desperately trying to make up for lost time. Clients forgive me.

Rewind a bit to last weekend. It’s Saturday, the sun is out, and Queen’s Day has not yet happened. I’m shopping around, pop into a party shoppe, and come across this:

IMG_7082Oh my goodness gold baking glitter!! What could be better?! Perhaps this:

IMG_7079Little mini gold cupcake foils!?! What a find! Classic baking dork.

I eagerly fill my arms with golden-sparkly goodies, excited to indulge in some Queen’s Day baking. Ambitiously, I had every intention of sharing these Queen’s Day cupcakes BEFORE Queen’s Day. But time was sparse, what with celebrating and recovering and all. So unfortunately these cupcakes are a bit delayed. But they’re super cute and delicious, so I hope you can forgive them.
IMG_7097To get started, line your cupcake pans with cupcake foils. Any color will do, although I highly recommend festive-gold. The next part is super easy. Make ANY kind of cake batter and frosting you want. I went for vanilla cupcakes (good recipe here) and ginger cream cheese frosting (just ginger soft cheese + powdered sugar whipped together). To make these cupcakes into super-special Queen’s Day cupcakes, the only two mandatories are apricots and a sharp knife. Otherwise, you’re free to bake as you wish. Easy peasy.IMG_7123First, mix your batter. Next, make your frosting. Pour your batter into your cupcake pans and pop ’em in the oven. Don’t forget to set your timer!

Now’s the fun part. Ready for some royal apricot art? Lay your apricots flat on a cutting board, and with a rolling pin, flatten them out, one at a time. IMG_7157Once you have flattened your apricots, it’s time to make them into Queens Day crowns. Pick an apricot and gently trim off the top arch of the circle. Do the same to the bottom. Your circle should be starting to resemble a square. Now, cut the curved portion of the sides off as well. You should be left with a long, flat, apricot rectangle. Lengthwise, zigzag your knife in and out, cuting out three mini triangles:

685E8199-F7F4-4E44-AD8D-9EAB42B64965You will be left with a pretty orange apricot crown. Repeat this until you have a Queen’s Day crown for every cupcake.IMG_7160IMG_7137IMG_7153I also bought some orange candy, so I could give some cupcakes crowns, and others polka-dots! IMG_7174Ding! Your cupcakes are done. Take them out of the oven, give them some time to cool, and then frost away.IMG_7196If you happen to have some gold baking sparkles, sprinkle them on top.IMG_7208IMG_7206The final step is the royal cupcake coronation. On top of each cupcake, place a little orange apricot crown. You can lay the crowns flat or stand them up. I prefer standing, but flat is easier if you’re transporting them.IMG_7259IMG_7254These guys are cute, absolutely delicious, and surely a more benign way to celebrate Queen’s Day! I recommend making a big batch and saving them for tea-time the day after Queen’s Day. A little royal pick-me-up, as you do.IMG_7240Happy belated Queen’s Day!

4 Replies to “Queen’s Day Cupcakes”

  1. love the pictures and the whole idea of Queens Day cakes, bet they tasted great. You’ve put me in the mood to bake and I should be writing. But everyone else in the house will be smiling as I don’t bake as often as I used to. I will let you know how they tasted. Thank you


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