Rockin’ Raining Rolling Kitchen

At approximately 3.15pm today, the sun came out. B and I were walking home from pilates. We had planned on spending the afternoon at IKEA, eating hotdogs and picking out curtains. But, swayed by a rare moment of weekend sun, we decided to head up to the Westergasfabriek for the annual Rollende Keukens instead. Rollende Keukens, or the Rolling Kitchen, is a culinary festival that takes place in Amsterdam every year, attracting colorful food trucks of all shapes, sizes, and cuisines. The entire Westergasfabriek is transformed into a big open air food festival, with countless mobile restaurants to choose from. There’s also drinking, dancing, and booze to boot!

At approximately 4.22pm B and I left the house. About 5 minutes into our adventure, it started to pour.
photoWe braved the weather all the way to the Westergasfabriek tram, and arrived at Rollende Keukens slightly damp and incredibly hungry. IMG_7306Despite the gloomy weather, lots and lots of trucks were sprawled out everywhere, serving up everything from tapas to fondue. IMG_7312We started our visit with a stroll around the park, checking out all of the food trucks, deciding what to dig into first.IMG_7314 IMG_7316 IMG_7324 IMG_7326IMG_7372We almost went for the pulled pork cheese burger, but bumped into friends who strongly advised against it. Tummies rumbling, we surveyed the scape, plotting our fist feast.IMG_7333 IMG_7336 IMG_7337It was hard to decide between gyros, risotto, or hot melty cheese pots. . . IMG_7338 IMG_7343The smoked fish and vegetables also looked fantastic. IMG_7346 IMG_7349However, our first conquest was a simple cob of corn, a yummy, salty, buttery aperitif! IMG_7350After our crispy corn, we blended into the crowd for a bit, enjoying a drink and listening to some music. As we swayed, the rain slowly stopped and the clouds started to burn off.
IMG_7355Which could mean only one thing. It was time for a BBQ! B dragged us back to a smoky American BBQ stall, where we got chicken wings, a pulled BBQ chicken wrap, and a HUGE pile of napkins. IMG_7358 IMG_7361 IMG_7364 IMG_7367We enjoyed our fare on a picnic bench, ‘ohhing’ and ‘aahing’ over tasty barbecue sauce and each rare glimpses of the sun.  IMG_7377Stuffed to the brim, I asked B if we could find some coffee. However, B’s belly is bottomless and he kindly explained that he had at least three more food truck stops in him. Yikes! Next up was nachos. IMG_7375These guys tasted like typical fair ground nachos – nothing special and way over priced.
IMG_7381 Always a champ, B dug in and killed every last crispy chip. Screen Shot 2013-05-12 at 12.07.55 AM IMG_7382After a few more culinary pit stops, it was coffee time!IMG_7385As awesome as the pulled chicken was, this coffee takes the cake. I ordered a mocha. The barista made me a pipping hot coffee, and then proceeded to dump in two heaping spoonfuls of chocolate chips. Hello new favorite way to drink coffee!
IMG_7390Life lesson of the day? Food tastes good, rain or shine!! We will definitely see you again next year, Rollende Keukens! x

18 Replies to “Rockin’ Raining Rolling Kitchen”

  1. It is amazing to me that half a world away things are the same as they are here! I swear that looks like something that we do here in Middle Georgia U.S.A.. Good people…good food…good music…and good times. Looks like it was a blast. Now I’m hungry.


  2. Open air food festival sounds amazing! Food is THE place to start if one wants to explore a given culture. From the lovely pictures that you have put up, seems like this is one good starting point :)

    Adorable narrative :) Felt as if the reader was actually there…


    1. :) thank you!!
      I completely agree – I always pop into the local grocery store when I travel. It’s such a great way to understand the local culture (and also perfect for stocking up the hotel room with goodies!)
      I wouldn’t exactly call the Dutch foodies, but I was pretty impressed with the Rolling Kitchen :)


  3. Your take on fun is great. I enjoyed going with you to the food festival. The pictures are spectacular. I can’t wait to see where you take us next.


  4. What a bright and colourful blog you have! Whereas I reside in blackness and shadow. Maybe I should produce a punk Jackdaw? That could be cool. Anyway, best wishes from Manchester Uk.


  5. Great pics and post. One of your shots had clouds and I remember noticing that the dutch clouds often appeared ‘low’. Kind of unsettling.

    I was a seattle transplant in Utrecht from 2001-2003. A grand and exciting adventure. Enjoy your time there and eat some bitter-ballen for me.


    1. It’s funny how you can sometimes tell where a photo was taken based on the sky! When I lived in the UK, I felt like the clouds sat on the ground . . . and I was constantly walking through a misty rain cloud! I will most definitely eat some bitter ballen for you!


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