Monday Happiness

I think I’ve stressed this before, but lately, I’ve been super, super busy with work. In a nutshell? I work at 180 Amsterdam. I am Account Manager on Western Union and they are the Presenting Partner of the UEFA Europa League. Which means me, the girly American, had to learn all about soccer football.

My calendar year now seems to revolve around the UEFA Europa League Final – which is in two days! And by pure coincidence the Final is taking place in Amsterdam this year. We have so many projects and awesome activations coming to life over the next 48 hours – I’m excited, nervous, and very sleep deprived.

Hence the flowers.

Flower1You see, when I am so busy with work, I really don’t have time for anything else. Friends, drinks, dates, and fun all get the backseat and life becomes functional. Work. Shower. Food. Sleep. When this happens, I do two things.

Firstly, I stock the fridge with tons of goodies. If I’m going to eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner at my desk four days a week, that one night I make it home is going to be culinarily phenomenal.

I also buy flowers, because they make me happy. Flower3Flowers are easy. I love books, baking, and bikram, but sometimes I just don’t have the energy or time to enjoy my favorite things. So when I’m short on time, it’s the little pleasures, like flowers, that keep me sane and bring an easy smile to my face. 
Flowers2So these are my pink peonies, the delicate little buds I took a gamble on at the farmer’s market this weekend. Over the past two days, they’ve blossomed into the most beautiful flowers I have seen in a long time.flowers3And so on Monday night, when my eyes are heavy and my brain can’t stop ticking with work, this is what happiness looks like. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. x

14 Replies to “Monday Happiness”

  1. Well if you never need any help learning about football and the Europa League, you can always ask me ;) I’m an Arsenal fan and have been a fan of the beautiful game of Football since I was 2 so any questions that you need to ask about certain aspects of the game, just ask :D

    And I love your flowers! They are absolutely stunning. I hope you get to have a little break from work soon to refresh! :)

    And good luck with work! x


    1. Thank you for the offer! Patrick Vieira is the ambassador for the campaign I work on, so I am well acquainted with Arsenal :) I actually hung out with him quite a bit yesterday – you might like my next blog post! x


      1. OH MY GOD SERIOUSLY? He is one of my idols 0_____0 I am so jealous of you right now hahaha! Man. That’s awesome. I can’t comprehend at how awesome that must’ve been. Can’t wait to read it :D xx


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