Happy Birthday B!

Today was a rainy dreary day in Amsterdam. It was grey all day and poured profusely. But it was also a public holiday, which meant we didn’t have to work. Awesome. And even more importantly, it was B’s birthday!!IMG_7792If you can’t tell by the gifts, we did a bit of celebrating this morning! B and I were absolutely wrecked after an all-night birthday dance party, so we woke up slowly, sipping tea, eating crumpets, and of course, opening presents!! IMG_7794I love stickers, but never quite know what to do with them. This year, I used a ton of funky little bunny stickers to decorate B’s presents. Sticker problem solved.IMG_7796 IMG_7797

Shopping is so much more rewarding when you know the item you buy will bring a smile to someone’s face. I did quite a bit of birthday-browsing over the past few weeks, and made sure to spoil B rotten :) I got him a ton of his British food favorites from M&S (think jams, crumpets, breakfast tea, scones, curry sauce, naan, cider, etc.), a cool doodle pen for his iPad, summer clothes for our upcoming trip to Cannes, and a bunch of luxury department store bath and beauty products. Believe it or not, B is even more picky than me when it comes to his beauty regimen! No drug store products for this guy.

IMG_7814 IMG_7834B has been watching the Dog Whisperer non-stop these past few weeks. We really want a dog and are just waiting for the right time. I would have loved to surprise him with a puppy! But instead this cute little pug card will have to do :)IMG_7837IMG_7838We spent the rest of the day wrapped up on the couch, cuddling and watching movies while it rained outside. As a final treat, I told B I would cook him whatever he wanted for dinner. Wait for it. . . . he asked for grilled cheese and tomato soup! What a guy. I really am so lucky to have such a sweet and handsome guy in my life, not to mention a best friend to boot. Happy birthday B!! I’m so happy I got to spend this rainy special day with you! x

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