Summer Excite

For the past three months, I’ve been pinning my favorite summer photos, collecting ideas and inspiration for a warm weather vacation. B and I have two awesome holidays planned for June. One involves approximately thirty friends, one birthday, dancing, drinking, and an epic Belgian mansion. The second is much more relaxed and romantic, and will be spent in the French Riviera with my one and only. While I’m looking forward to both adventures, planning the latter is solely my responsibility. Here’s a sneak peek at some of my inspiration for the trip:

We have no concrete plans yet, but Cannes will be our home base, and there will be at least a handful of mandatory lazy beach days.

I’ve heard an excursion to Ile Sainte Margeurite is a must, and am looking forward to the boat ride out to the island, hiking, swimming and a picnic in the sun. I’m contemplating a day trip to Antibes to visit the Picasso museum, and I think we’ll also head over to Nice for a day as B has spent a lot of time there and is eager to show me the ropes.

But what am I looking forward to the most? 

The lavender fields.

We’ll be traveling at the tail end of June and have planned an overnight in Marseille, followed by an excursion up into the Valensole Plateau, just as the lavender and poppy fields come into full bloom.

I’ve never had a proper holiday with B – only trips to the States or the UK to see my family or his. We’ve done a weekend here or there, but never anything for a substantial amount of time, and in the sun to boot. June cannot come soon enough!

Do you have any recommendations on must-do things while visiting the French Riviera? x

13 Replies to “Summer Excite”

  1. In my opinion, a rafting trip on the magnificent blue-greeen waters of the North Umpqua, while you float past rock formations that would put a castle to shame; a late fisherman’s dinner at the sumptuous Steamboat Lodge, followed by a return to your cabins, where the only sound is the murmur of crystal water, with visions of unexplored waterfalls nestled among the grandeur of pine, can match or transcend anything that the French Riviera has to offer, which is more suitable to Club Med type folks with bulging checkbooks than to kindred spirits that want to experience a deeper and more profound meaning of intimacy.


    1. You’ve painted an incredibly beautiful picture!! To be honest, I want to see all of the world. I love the quiet, the woods, nature, the sea. But at the same time I easily marvel at history, architecture, glitz, and bustling citys. This vacation is definitely a bit more metropolitan, the next one (honeymoon) will hopefully be a bit more like what you have described :)


  2. Looks amazing. The fields I mean…
    France is the place to be, but I am yet to free my wings. A couple more years maybe. So, am not of much use. But am sure, you will be when I visit the place ;)


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