Cous Cous Club Amsterdam

The other night, B and I stumbled upon an elite club. Welcome to Cous Cous Club.

IMG_7742The first rule of Cous Cous Club is: you do not talk about Cous Cous Club. Lucky for you, I plan on narrating primarily with pictures.

Cous Cous Club is a hidden gem, located on the Ceintuurbaan in Amsterdam. Last weekend, while on a little stroll with Shawn, we accidentally stumbled by the ‘club’ and were intrigued by both the name and the lively looking crowed inside. Cous Cous club was immediately added to my restaurant bucket list. It was bustling, cute, and intimate. A perfect date night setting.
IMG_7784And so come date night I surprised B with my new discovery! B was looking handsome and dapper as always :)IMG_7744When you arrive, the server will bring icy cold mint water to your table, along with a very simple menu. There are three entrées to choose from. Cous cous with vegetables. Cous cous with vegetables and lamb sausages. And cous cous with vegetables, lamb sausage, merguez, and hearty lamb stew. Yum. Double Yum. And triple yum!IMG_7748The restaurant itself is eclectic and bright. Fresh flowers, stained glass, big drapes, and an elegant chandelier blend surprisingly well with the hodgepodge of  literature scattered throughout the room – leaving you wondering . . . am I at a book club, or a cous cous club? IMG_7759IMG_7756We waited patiently for our food to arrive, and ohh boy was it worth the wait!IMG_7753IMG_7758We went for the Royal and the Maison – the first and second biggest dishes on the menu!
IMG_7761The vegetables were fresh and well prepared, and the chickpeas were hearty and filling – you could tell they’ve never lived in a can! And the cous cous? Mmmm mmm!IMG_7764Of course B went for the super meaty dish, and he was pleasantly surprised as well. The sausages and merguez were cooked to perfection, and the stew was our favorite! IMG_7765 IMG_7771We ordered a creamy lentil sauce to accompany the meal, which I would recommend, as the chickpeas and cous cous might be a bit bland without it.IMG_7772It was a nice surprise to find another cute and delicious restaurant nestled right in our neighborhood!IMG_7774We finished our meal with a mint tea and a coffee. The desserts looks fabulous as well, but we were both stuffed to the brim!!IMG_7777I would definitely come back again – the portions were huge, well priced, and deliciously cooked. B might take a miss, as he’s more of a meat and potatoes kinda guy, and he was a bit overwhelmed by the amount of vegetables on his plate! That’s fine, because as we were headed out, I also noticed they serve cocktails. Girls night, anyone?! :)IMG_7785Oh, and on the way home we saw this RIDICULOUS car. I absolutely love pickles and am ashamed to admit that I go through at least a jar a week. This pickle truck was probably the most glorious / humorous / wonderful vehicle I have seen in all my life. Thank you pickle car, for being the cherry on top of a wonderful date night!IMG_7738If you fancy a meal at Cous Cous Club, you can find all of their info here. They’re located at Ceintuurbaan 346, 1072 GP, Amsterdam. The number is 020-6733539 & I highly recommend a reservation if you visit on a Friday or Saturday night. Bon appetit! x

9 Replies to “Cous Cous Club Amsterdam”

  1. Ahha… A week old reader on your blog and I already getting insights into the food culture there :) Cous Cous club looks…eclectic. Lovely place. Thank god they have some vegetarian food as well, had major problems in my last outing :(
    Your blog is going to be a fine guidebook for anyone new to Amsterdam :)
    Thank you.


    1. Welcome to the blog & glad you enjoyed the post! It’s a very ‘meat and cheese’ culture here in Amsterdam, but Cous Cous Club is now top of my list for vegetarian recommendations :)


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