Spring Stroll in Amsterdam

Today it was miserable outside. Amsterdam is pissing cats and dogs and there is no end in sight. But I can almost forgive this puddly city, because ohh boy, was yesterday a stunner.

B and I have made a little pact to go to the gym every day (ugh) until our summer holiday, but yesterday I couldn’t stomach the thought of being indoors on the cross trainer at the gym while the rare Dutch sun was shinning so bright outside.

So we swapped our gym session for a long walk down the Amstel, our favorite route to soak up lingering sunshine post-work.  IMG_7900If you’re ever visiting Amsterdam, my top ‘touristy’ recommendation would be a simple walk along the canals. From boats to bikes to bridges to stacked Dutch houses, a walk though the city will introduce you to Amsterdam’s most charming features. IMG_7897Springtime is especially gorgeous, with blooming flowers to boot. IMG_7906 IMG_7915 IMG_7910 IMG_7913B has some awesomely reflective Ray-Bans, and we’ve decided to take selfies in them all summer long, just cuz.

So I leave you with one of many summery selfies to come:IMG_7915 copy

16 Replies to “Spring Stroll in Amsterdam”

  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Rain? I lived in Neuenhagen, The Netherlands for three years, and when I arrived I was told to ignore the rain and enjoy life. Side note, had my first, and last, deep-fried hamburger at an Amsterdam friterie.


    1. Biking while holding an umbrella is now a proud talent of mine!! The Dutch definitely know how to embrace the sun when it appears :) And they also know how to deep fry! I have had my fair share of bitterballen but never had a deep-fried hamburger! Was it good?


      1. On a 1 – 10 scale, minus 15; and that is being nice. Nothing like bitterballen. I think the place was trying to lore in tourists by offering a menu so intriguing to tourist – ‘this I’ve got to try’ – they hit on a real tourist trap ‘try it one-time’ moneymaker. Look at all the deep fried items being sold at fairs; how often do people really eat deep fried butter? ;-)


  2. AlexandraMarie, thanks for visiting hisnamebpraised and liking the post about the seed. You have a beautiful eye for scenes. I pray that your adventures will be blessed and thank you for the blessings of sharing your images


  3. Point taken :) I prefer walking myself. Difficult to notice and appreciate details if the pace is not right. Good idea indeed.

    Seems you people do not have enough sun-days there. We guys would have happily lent you some, if we could ;)


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