Belgium Birthday Weekend – Round Two

A few months back, I told you all about Harriet’s 30th birthday. To celebrate the occasion, a big group of us rented a beautiful Belgian château, equipped with a roaring fireplace, acres of forest, and a spacious living area where we toasted the lovely Harriet and danced the night away. This past weekend, Harriet’s partner in crime, Dan, also turned the big three-ooh . . . the perfect excuse for round two of Belgium birthday celebrations. Enter: Villa Mosa.IMG_8105Or as I like to drunkenly call it, Villa Mimosa. But let’s rewind for a second. Because before there was Villa Mimosa, there was Pimm’s Party Bus.IMG_8047As we are (somewhat) responsible adults, we rented a coach to take us from Amsterdam to Southern Belgium. This meant that none of us had to drive. It also meant that the festivities could begin in the parking lot at Schiphol. A classy start to an epic weekend.IMG_8049 IMG_8053After a good 3 hours of playing musical coach chairs, don’t spill the Pimm’s on your neighbor, and who smoked the joint in the bus bathroom, we arrived at our villa. A few of Dan’s good friends had flown in from London earlier that day, and thoughtfully decorated the villa walkway with big strawberry hearts. They also constructed a complex game of crystal-glass Jenga, which eagerly awaited us in the kitchen.

IMG_8058I did not capture any photos of our antics that evening, but to point your imagination in the right direction, think heated pool, hot weather, trampoline, sauna, and flowing prosecco.  . . plus thirty wild friends. It was like a marathon of the best The Real World episodes, all rolled into one – but bigger and better, much much better!

After approximately three and a half hours sleep, my eyes popped open bright and early, eager to explore the grounds by daylight.

IMG_8361The view from my window was stunning. Large barges floated by in the river, and behind, the horizon was curved with steep, round hills. IMG_8098IMG_8087IMG_8255The piano was my absolute favorite, but unfortunately was a tad too big to smuggle into my suitcase. IMG_8257IMG_8090 IMG_8093The inside of the villa was modern and lovely, but the grounds were even more serene. IMG_8086IMG_8085IMG_8100 IMG_8101IMG_8102I stopped by the pool-house for an early morning dip, and found none other than my favorite, Shawn, already splashing in the pool, having arrived at the same brilliant idea. IMG_8124IMG_8113IMG_8116IMG_8114After a few hours of floating, our fingers started to wrinkle into little raisins and it was time to shower & dress up in accordance with the first theme of the weekend – tennis whites.IMG_8231backIMG_8230MeBelgiumAli WhitesI think the only thing missing from this picture is a racket in my hand! Everyone else was also dressed amazingly on-theme, and B managed to capture some awesome photos of our preppy afternoon.IMG_8131IMG_8132IMG_8263IMG_8134IMG_8146IMG_8150IMG_8158We played silly lawn games, sipped prosecco & Pimm’s, and monkeyed around in our tennis whites, as you do.IMG_8136picasion.com_47c62a4724545835f74acd61a7485f75IMG_8155IMG_8157IMG_8169IMG_8168IMG_8175IMG_8174IMG_8173IMG_8178IMG_8187IMG_8166IMG_8188IMG_8191IMG_8203IMG_8195IMG_8185IMG_8182IMG_8246 After a day of playing in the sun, it was time for a bit of rest & relaxation before another crazy party evening commenced. I strolled around the grounds, looking for a peaceful spot to relax.IMG_8220IMG_8248IMG_8247 IMG_8250IMG_8252IMG_8125While poking around on the pool-house balcony, I spotted a few ladies off in the distance, who seemed to have had the same idea as me.IMG_8271IMG_8272I wound my way up the villa stairs, and at the top of the house, I found a hidden window.IMG_8273Which Rachel, Ashly, and Shawn had already brilliantly discovered!


How they got two mattresses through this small window is beyond me, but I am not complaining in the least.IMG_8285IMG_8317 IMG_8318IMG_8280IMG_8316IMG_8275 IMG_8276The rooftop was breezy . . . Marilyn. . . and serene. A perfect spot to relax, enjoy the view, and soak up the sun.IMG_8303IMG_8331IMG_8346 IMG_8352As the sun started to set, it was time for yet another costume change. So we made one final rooftop toast, to the beautiful day, the memories made, and those yet to come.IMG_8344 IMG_8345Sadly, this is where the photo tales end, as the next two days dissolved into a blur of sunshine and bliss. If friends post photos, I promise to gather a few and do a part-two, as the weekend was packed with lots more dress-up, prosecco, and Belgian birthday madness! I have to say, I’m still smiling from this outstanding weekend and the funtimes had. I’m so lucky to have such amazing friends. xx

4 Replies to “Belgium Birthday Weekend – Round Two”

  1. Thanks for the like on my recent blog post… Your site, quickly scrolling past girly bits (sorry;-)), is a wonderful snapshot of life that brings back great memories of my own. I remember similar times, before kids and unwanted grey hairs, when my now wife and I would spend weekends away with friends in a similar “blur of sunshine and bliss”. Your obvious love of life is infectious and the photography great. Enjoy those moments…


  2. Wonderful :)
    I adore the way you guys come around for such amazing weekends! So much better than going to clubs and discotheques. You really do have an amazing set of friends, who think alike.
    I like the idea of sun bathing, with a drink to go as well :) Of course, the other favourite would be the chess chair :D


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