Travel Fashion

As much as I love clothes, I kind of suck at fashion.

I love browsing magazines & Pinterest for outfit inspiration. I love shopping. And I love filling up my closet with new goodies. But when push comes to shove, I always end up throwing on a pair of comfy jeans with sneakers and a tee. Sometimes I wear a dress with flip-flops, sometimes I’m bold and rock leggings. But overall my wardrobe is way more inspired than the clothes I actually end up wearing. I have so many pairs of sexy kitten heels that have never seen the light of day, so many belts, scarves, and cute accessories I never think to throw on.

That’s why I love vacation.

You get to hand-pick all of the best pieces from your wardrobe, neatly fold them into a suitcase, and are then locked in to wearing those choices alone over the next few weeks. Basically, if there are no lazy options in your suitcase, you’ll be forced to look stellar all vacation long. Not a horrible trick to play on oneself :)

If you’re also planning a holiday over the next few summer months, here are a few looks that have inspired my vacation wardrobe. I’ve been shopping and planning, and you’ll probably see a few of these pieces pop up on the blog over the next few weeks :)

The Sparkling Explorer

The Rockstar Adventurer 

The Romantic Wanderer 

I hereby declare that I am not going to pack my favorite Gap skinny jeans – the ones that are ripping down the seam and I somehow end up wearing to work at least 3x a week. And I also vow NOT to wear a pajama top as a t-shit, another fashion sin I am guilty of committing on a regular basis. I may even leave the TOMS behind . . . but baby steps! x

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