Cannes Day 1

Hello from lovely Cannes!!

The past few days have been romantic, delicious, relaxing, and sunshine. I don’t care if sunshine isn’t an adjective, it belongs on the list. In fact, don’t be surprised if I start randomly ending sentences with the word sunshine. Because, ahhhhh, sunshine :)

B and I are staying in Cannes for 10 days. We have a big balcony that faces the ocean, and we’re a 30 second stroll from the sea. Our flat is tiny but the tiles on the floor are refreshingly cold and the furniture is a happy holiday yellow.

I’m going to keep my Cannes updates short and sweet, and let the pictures do most of the talking.

Day one in Cannes consisted of beach time, getting to know the local neighborhood, and eating the most exquisite pizza I have ever tasted. Seriously, if you’re in Cannes you NEED to try La Pizza.It was an awesome day and I’m already falling in love with this adorable little city. x

Cannes Trip 1Cannes Trip 2.1.JPGCannes Trip 2Cannes Trip 3^The balcony view.Cannes Trip 4 Our first morning was spent at the beach. I’ve never seen mountains so close to the ocean before. Stunning!Cannes Trip 5Cannes Trip 4.5Cannes Trip 6Cannes Trip 9 Salad NicoiseWe tried out the cafe across the street from our flat, and enjoyed some light salads for lunch.Cannes Trip 8Cannes Trip 10 Palm Tree^^This palm tree is for you, Jessy Bear :)Cannes Trip 11 Cannes Trip 12While exploring the neighborhood, we found the best beach :) I can’t wait to spend the day here! Cannes Trip 13Cannes Trip 14A snack on the balcony before venturing into the city. v vCannes Trip 15Our first exploration into the center. All of the boats are stunning. v vCannes Trip 18Cannes Trip 16Cannes Trip 17Cannes Trip 20Coincidentally, the Cannes Lions were this past week! B and I bumped into two adver-folk we knew – small world, small advertising community!
Cannes Trip 19Cannes Trip 23We had dinner at my new favorite pizza joint in the entire world, La Pizza.  Their address is 3 Quai St-Pierre, Cannes and you can reach them by phone at 04-93-39-22-56. Go, go, go!!!Cannes Trip 21Cannes Trip 22Cannes Trip 26Cannes Trip 25Cannes Trip 24And enjoyed a sunset walk home after eating enough pizza to feed 8 small children!

Cannes Trip 27Cannes Trip 29 I could get used to this vacation thing! x

5 Replies to “Cannes Day 1”

  1. Ohh I am sooo watching out for your French escapade! 10 days @Cannes sounds amazing :) Good enough to know the place inside out, and with your camerawork- for us as well :)
    La Pizza check!! I wonder if they have overseas outlets as well. Else it will have to wait a couple of years :( Please look out for some vegetarian joints there as well- gets difficult to eat out at times, you know…

    Lovely pictures, as always and thank you for putting them up here for us.


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