Cannes Day 2

By day two, B and I had scouted out the best local beach spots and knew exactly where we were headed when we woke up. Half awake, we threw on our swimsuits and wandered towards the sea. We spent the morning lazing in the hot sun and jumping off of cliffs into the cool ocean.

IMG_8499 IMG_8509IMG_8508IMG_8528IMG_8532Ben-Jump-Cannes^ ^ These are GIFs of B and I jumping off of the rocks, but I can’t tell if they work or not on my snail-paced internet! v vAli-Jump-CannesIMG_8593 IMG_8600 IMG_8597In the afternoon, we explored the old town, winding up and down Rue St. Antoine to the Le Suquet and Castre Castle.

IMG_8633IMG_8612IMG_8644IMG_8647IMG_8689IMG_9971 IMG_9978IMG_8671IMG_8678IMG_8705IMG_8700IMG_8703IMG_8712In the evening we did some window shopping. All of the stores are closed on Sunday, but my heart was happy just to see a Laduree!IMG_8760IMG_8754We relaxed by the harbor for a bit before catching a late night movie – B’s treat, Man of Steel :)IMG_8733IMG_8745IMG_8735IMG_8762Overall it was another beautiful, sunny day in Cannes. Fingers crossed this heavenly weather holds up! xx

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