Exploring the Île Sainte-Marguerite

On day 3 in Cannes, B and I hopped on a ferry and headed towards the Lérins Islands. We docked at the Île Sainte-Marguerite, the largest of the Lérins Islands, about a half a mile away from Cannes. It’s famous for its fortress, which once upon a time housed the Man in the Iron Mask. Today, it’s known for its stunning views of the French Rivera, serene beaches, and butterflies. Lots and lots of butterflies! We hiked our way around the island, stopping to go for a dip in the sea when we got too hot. We came across deserted buildings, lovely outlook points, and several hidden rocky coves. We collected sea-glass, enjoyed a picnic, and relaxed as we bronzed our skin. It was my favorite day in Cannes so far, surrounded by nature, exploring the unknown with my favorite :)IMG_8786^As we pulled out of Cannes into the harbor.IMG_8791IMG_8797IMG_8807^ ^ Landed! Our majestic ocean chariot (ferry).IMG_8830IMG_8806IMG_8804^ ^ The view of Cannes from Sainte-Marguerite.IMG_8802IMG_8828IMG_8812Into the wilderness we went!IMG_0039IMG_8822IMG_8853^ ^ The last signs of civilization (other than the yachts!)IMG_9005IMG_8824IMG_8942^ ^ Oasis number one, discovered!

IMG_0045IMG_8897IMG_0044 IMG_8940^ ^ Picnic / swim spot assembled!IMG_8922IMG_8912 IMG_8917IMG_8902img_8927^ ^ Time for a dip!IMG_0055IMG_0059IMG_0075^ ^  French sea glass to make something special for my Mom!
IMG_8840IMG_8844IMG_8865^ ^ Keeping us hydrated. IMG_8986IMG_8989IMG_9002^ ^ Sometimes Sainte-Marguerite looked so much like Maine.IMG_8952IMG_9033IMG_9013^ ^ Sampling the waters in cove #2.

IMG_9026IMG_9021^ ^ Deep sea swimming with the fish.IMG_9027IMG_9032IMG_8995IMG_8951IMG_8974Sending lots of love from Cannes! x


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