Cannes Day 4 – Scooting Around!

The first time I went to Scotland to meet B’s family, he threw me on the back of a scooter and gave me the grand tour. We whizzed through the Scottish countryside, along the ocean, through the trees, and up and around the rolling hills. The wind whipped through my hair and I couldn’t stop smiling. I knew I wasn’t going to let this one get away!

Now, every time B and I go to Scotland, we use a scooter to get around. It’s handy, it’s fun, and quite frankly, it’s cheaper to insure than a car when we’re in town. Which suits me perfectly fine, as I love the open air sights and smells of the Scottish countryside.

On day 4 in Cannes, B insisted we visit Villefranche-sur-Mer, a quaint seaside town where his family vacationed when he was younger. He was also quite persistent that the journey required a scooter, you know, to get the full experience. I didn’t need any convincing. Scooter? Yes, yes, and triple yes!

After a quick pop down to the scooter rental store, we departed from Cannes and zoomed through Antibes, headed east.IMG_9046IMG_9048^ ^ B lets me pretend to drive the scooter. How kind of him ;)IMG_9050^ ^ And we’re off! I apologize for the quality of the photos in this post. Lots of them were taken with one hand, on the back of a scooter, whilst holding on for dear life with the other!IMG_9065IMG_9068IMG_9056IMG_9061IMG_9115IMG_9079 IMG_9077Our first stop was for a light lunch and some sun time at a beautiful pebble beach just shy of Nice. IMG_9155^ ^ The colors of the ocean were absolutely out of this world.IMG_9154IMG_9173^ ^ We settled for a table with a view, and ordered some nibbles.IMG_9156 IMG_9159IMG_9165IMG_9162^ ^ B went for a sweet crêpe and I went for savory. They were equally delicious. v vIMG_9170After lunch, we crossed the street to spend some time at the beach before moving on.IMG_9179 IMG_9182 IMG_9202IMG_9180It was literally one of the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. Instead of sand, the shore was lined with pebbles. This made the sea a super light and brilliant shade of blue. Far, far off, where the pebbles ended and the deep-sea begun, you could see a slim line of dark blue along the horizon. It looked as if someone had hand-drawn a line between the sky and the sea.IMG_9200IMG_9192^ ^After some postcard writing, some, ahem, French sunbathing, and a long swim in the ocean, we were ready to continue our adventure. v vIMG_9204IMG_9205IMG_9206We hopped back on the scooter and cruised through Nice, a stunning coastal city that surly rivals the beauty of Cannes.IMG_9209IMG_9222IMG_9227IMG_9228 IMG_9234IMG_9244IMG_9240IMG_9267IMG_9255On the next cove over, we finally reached Villefranche-sur-Mer. I was immediately smitten. It was quaint. There were sailboats. And everyone in this provincial little town had a smile on their face. If I lived here year-round, I think I would be super jolly  too!IMG_9298IMG_9301 IMG_9317IMG_9312IMG_9338 IMG_9330 IMG_9329IMG_9327IMG_9322We wandered through the village, up to the top of the town and the best lookout points. At the top there was an old fort and two adorable ladies who kindly offered (in French) to take our photo. Oui s’il vous plaît!

IMG_9342IMG_9338IMG_9340IMG_9354IMG_9361IMG_9362IMG_9357IMG_9353^ ^ Some lost reading.IMG_9366IMG_9367IMG_9373IMG_9374IMG_9377^ ^ My tropical dream home! Peach house, big balcony. Mint shudders.IMG_9381IMG_9386IMG_9390IMG_9391 IMG_9396As the sun started to dip, we hopped back on the scooter for a sunset ride up into the mountains.IMG_9402 IMG_9424 IMG_9423 IMG_9410My camera died just as we reached the top, but I did manage to snap this stunning photo of the French Alps. After some steep cruising, we decided to head back into Nice for some dinner. We made on more impromptu pit stop when we saw this pretty orchard from the scooter. v v IMG_0829IMG_0841IMG_0848IMG_0835By the time we got into Nice we were starving, so when we saw a cute Italian spot with bread and olives on all the tables, we immediately said “here!!” IMG_0860We finished the day Italian-style, with some little creatures from the Mediterranean and lasagna. Ohh, and Panache, my new favorite summertime drink!IMG_0871IMG_0866IMG_0867Stuffed, we wandered through Nice before hopping on the scooter and heading home. x

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