A Road Trip to Grasse & Saint-Paul-de-Vence

After spending almost a week in the French Riviera, B and I were ready to adventure away from the coast. Before we’d left home, I made a long list of things to do and places to see accessible from Cannes. On day 6, we woke up bright and early, and rented a fuel-efficient little Peugeot. After a quick breakfast nibble we set off to see some sights!IMG_9595 IMG_9598First stop on the list was Grasse, the perfume capital of the world. v v IMG_9635 IMG_9721IMG_9640The architecture in Grasse was stunning, but before we started to wander through the town, we stopped to check out all of the famous perfume shops and museums.IMG_9755IMG_9654 IMG_9657I have never smelled so many beautiful and fragrant scents . . .  and may have gone a little overboard in the shopping! The boutique we spent most of our time in had an upscale aura, beckoning you to delicately sample, select and smell each bottle with care. Each fragrance I purchased was boxed and meticulously wrapped in colorful paper by the le nez behind the counter. Perfectly ready for gifting ;)IMG_0098After B and I had exhausted our pocket money on perfume, it was time to wander the city.IMG_9686IMG_0104It was small and quaint – a town with colorful shutters, outdoor umbrellas and fragrant gift shops. IMG_9712IMG_9702IMG_0118 IMG_9708IMG_0111We poked in and out of soap stores, cafes, and art shops.IMG_0121This print was my favorite, but sadly it was marked as ‘rare’ and well out of my price range! v v IMG_0122I did however purchase some art, and upon wandering inside to pay found a beautiful collection of vintage perfume bottles. They reminded me of playing dress-up at my Grandma’s house as a little girl. I asked the shop keeper if I could take a photo, and he responded ‘Yes, but just one.’ I couldn’t decide which perfume bottle was my favorite so I tried to capture them all. v v IMG_9711Unfortunately, I couldn’t help myself and think I will be packing a good third of the city into my suitcase when I return to Amsterdam.IMG_0136IMG_9738IMG_9759After a lunchtime picnic on a lookout point above the city, we piled back into our little French Peugeot and hit the road, heading through the Alpes-Maritimes towards Saint-Paul-de-Vence.


IMG_9826^ ^ La Colle sur-Luope, a picturesque medieval town we passed by on the drive to Saint-Paul-de-Vence.IMG_9923I had read that Saint-Paul-de-Vence was one of the oldest medieval towns on the French Riviera, and boy does it live up to that claim. While walking through the city, I half expected Tyrion Lannister to stroll around the corner. It was architecturally stunning in a completely different way from Grasse. Instead of wide streets and colorful buildings, there were narrow cobblestone walkways and ancient stone structures. The slim walking paths were shaded and cool, lined with beautiful flowers and beckoning boutiques. Each time you emerged from the winding streets, you were greeted with a picturesque view of the Alps. IMG_9894IMG_9892IMG_9893IMG_0148IMG_9901 IMG_9902B and I poked in to a little hole-in-the-wall for a snack, and were welcomed by a picturesque surprise. While the front of the building faced an alley and was dark and inconspicuous, the back of the building was home to a panoramic balcony with sweeping views of the mountains, far off ocean, and city below.IMG_9877IMG_9879IMG_9882IMG_9885We spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping, winding around narrow walkways and strolling around with ice cream.IMG_9844IMG_9846IMG_9863IMG_9866IMG_9851_2IMG_9942 ^ ^ My favorite door in the city!IMG_9949 IMG_9951IMG_9968^ ^ The cobblestones were decorated with miniature stone-stills of the city.IMG_9964^ ^ My *gasp* third ice cream of the day. Look at that happy triple chin!! She’s goin’ for it!IMG_9829We said goodbye to this beautiful town in fashion, whilst driving away and snapping some final photos of the hillside homes.


9 Replies to “A Road Trip to Grasse & Saint-Paul-de-Vence”

  1. So glad you are enjoying your visit. Your photos are great and I wish I was there now! My auntie lives in le Bar sur Loup and we visited the area 5 years ago.


  2. Hopefully visiting this September. Lovely looking at all of your photographs and enjoyed reading your comments too, you obviously had a fabulous time. Thank you for posting.


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