Izakaya Amsterdam

Last night I celebrated the 4th of July at a Japanese restaurant with Dutch clients. It was not very patriotic, but the meal was incredibly memorable and delicious. Izakaya serves Japanese style tapas with a South American influence. They have an extensive grazing menu, allowing you to order as many or as few dishes as you like, all perfect for sharing. We ordered a surprise tasting menu – telling the chef only a few favorites – leaving the rest up to luck and culinary talent.

We started with some cocktails and a huge bowl of sashimi. My first cocktail (left photo below) was outstanding. It was sweetened with summer fruits but had a fiery bite, thanks to some lush red chilies.

Throughout the evening we sampled many of the menu items – baby spinach salad with grilled shrimp, crispy rice with spicy tuna tartare, pan fried scallops with Yuzu truffle dressing, popcurn shrimp tempura, beef toban, wild sea bass popiete, grilled unagi and foie gras with Apple Balsamic, and so many other dishes I can’t even recall. We finished with a round of sushi rolls, and another plate of crispy rice with spicy tuna tartare, as this was the fan-favorite. The scallops were also out of this world.

As usual, dessert was my weakness. We ordered an assortment, but the frozen berries (right) were by far the prettiest thing we ate all night.

These past few weeks I’ve been absolutely spoiled on eating out. I can’t wait to get back to the farmers market this weekend :)

If you’re interested in a visit to Izakaya, you can find them at Albert Cuypstraat 2-6 1072 CT Amsterdam. They’re open for dinner Monday – Sunday 6pm till 11.00pm. I recommend a reservation, you can call and book here: +31 20 305 3090

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