Goodbye Cannes

Although slightly delayed, these are the last photos from my Cannes trip. The final days of our holiday all kind of blended into one. . . . Beach time. Sunshine. Too much food. Here’s one final post to sum up the adventure :)

After we returned from the lavender fields and dropped off the rental car, we sat on the balcony and watched an electrifying thunderstorm roll through Cannes. It was the only time the skies were dark on our trip, and boy, was it theatrical. There was lightning, hail, and gusting winds. As the last raindrops fell and the grey clouds made their way out to sea, we decided to follow the storm’s path and walk towards town. The beaches were absolutely deserted and the storm was a beautiful sight, rolling off in the distance.

IMG_0006At B’s plea we had a very guilty pleasure dinner at an all-you-can-eat Chinese food buffet – no food porn pictures here. Following our unlimited dumpling and ice cream schmorgesborg, we pulled ourselves up and rolled through town towards the castle, in an attempt to walk off the regretful buffet bulge.IMG_0037IMG_0018The views from the castle were lovely, as always. IMG_0083IMG_0075This next photo is my favorite – the moody skies from the storm set a dramatic lighting across the harbor, and all of the cheery boats looked suspiciously out-of-place in the overcast setting. It reminded me of a surreal dream, or a child’s lullaby. It’s one for the wall :)IMG_0119_stampIMG_0140 IMG_0143On Saturday we spent a good 2/3 of the day at the beach. After lolling in the sun all morning, we decided to head into town for some much-needed food and a good stretch.IMG_0234IMG_0554We intended to go out for an early dinner, but got sidetracked by happy hour drinks and appetizers.
IMG_0567IMG_0563IMG_0574IMG_0579No longer hungry and slightly tipsy, we returned home for an early evening rest before hitting the town for nighttime festivities.
IMG_0232For dinner we wanted some tasty, authentic French food, well off the tourist path. We were recommended a trip to La Sousta – a charming restaurant with fare that changes daily. With only 8 entrées and 2 desert options scribbled on the chalkboard-menu, you are assured that everything is made with a loving hand and is served market fresh. My kind of establishment! My date was also quite agreeable ;)

IMG_0587We sat on a charming outside terrace, and accidentally ordered way too much food. This isn’t one of those places where the mains are a minuscule portion. You will leave La Sousta feeling happy and full!IMG_0258^ ^ Pointing at the lovely building and shutters above La Sousta v vIMG_0597IMG_0600We started with some wine, bread and olives, and quickly moved on to salad, fries, and tartar. I love a good tartar but B is a new convert, thanks to the delicious spread at La Sousta!IMG_0605IMG_0602IMG_0607For mains we plumped for the pork stew and polenta cakes, and the homemade shrimp fettuccine to share.IMG_0612 IMG_0611To be honest, my favorite was the tartar and I could have easily demolished a second helping for my main!! But the pork was also exceptional and the fettuccine was delicious as well.IMG_0615The bathrooms at La Sousta also get an A+. There are lots of fine art murals in the Rivera, especially in unexpected places like on the side of a pharmacy or even at the bus station! But the bathrooms at La Sousta take the cake, decorated in hand-painted ladies & gentlemen enjoying their potty time. Quite a giggle when you’re light-headed after dinner and drinks!IMG_0618IMG_0625If you’re interested in a meal at La Sousta (which I highly recommend!!) you can find their details here. They don’t take reservations and all the locals will fight for a spot, so get there early or get on your game face.IMG_0285We finished our meal with an espresso and agreed on an evening stroll around town. Charged on caffeine, B bopped around the corner ahead of me, and when I caught up he had stopped and was taking photos. . . of the most beautiful sunset I have seen all summer. IMG_0630 IMG_0627My breath was stolen. The sky was a pink blanket over Cannes, wishing us a dreamy goodnight. Excited, inspired, and probably a little drunk, I ran up the hill behind La Sousta, towards the castle to catch the spectacular sunset. B laughed, chasing behind. When we got to the top, we caught some breathtaking views, just as the sun dipped away for the night.IMG_0648IMG_0338IMG_0321IMG_0317IMG_0331 IMG_0675IMG_0685After watching the last of the pink fade away, we wandered towards the other side of the hill and were surprised to find a huge crowd gathered in the streets below.
IMG_0697Intrigued, we hiked back down the cobble stone streets, towards the harbor to see what all the fuss was about.IMG_0706In the streets there were bands playing and people dancing. There were games set up for kids and performers walking by on stilts. We had stumbled upon a Saturday evening festival and were just in time for the best part – a light show, projected on the very hillside we had just stumbled down. People flooded the streets to watch the spectacle, which told a colorful story of mermaids, warriors and the rise and fall of a beautiful oceanic city.IMG_0723IMG_0726IMG_0379It was a brilliant day filled with some lovely surprises, and as we strolled home in the dark, we reminisced about all of our favorite adventures so far.

Day 10 was our last full day in Cannes, and by that point, we had turned into total beach bums. We had already spent numerous days playing in town and exploring the Rivera, so our holiday ambitions had somewhat dwindled. We had morphed from eager tourists to beach hippies. We were brown, burnt and happy, and could spend entire mornings existing on only Panache and sunscreen, camped out under our trusty beach umbrella. IMG_0746IMG_0742 IMG_0745IMG_0754After soaking up as much sun as possible, we would lather up in aloe and head into town to scavenge for real food.Cannes FashionIt was a tough life.

IMG_0774On our last night, we chose a seat with a view, happy to people watch and have a quiet three course dinner on a pensive Sunday evening. IMG_0768IMG_0780I ended my Cannes culinary adventure in the same way it had started, with a simple nicoise salad and a glass of cold white wine.  IMG_0783B had some mussels that melted in your mouth, slathered in butter and herbs. I definitely had some starter-envy. IMG_0786Next up was steak and sea bass. I’d been seeing sea bass on every menu in Cannes, and finally managed to order some on our last evening in town. It was delicious, but again, B had an equally tempting meal of steak and frites. IMG_0790 IMG_0794For dessert we had tarts, chocolate, and coffee, and enjoyed our last bites as the sun disappeared. A bitter-sweet ending to such a memorable trip.IMG_0797 IMG_0799Monday was a repeat of Sunday, sans venturing into town. We were getting picked up to go to the airport at 8pm, so following a long beach session, we packed our bags and had a light dinner on the balcony, heading down to the beach after dinner to say one final goodbye.

As we walked to the sea, we saw a procession of helicopters in the sky, a sight which I believe B eagerly compared to ‘swimming sky seamen’.
IMG_0801We monkeyed around on the beach a bit, and said our final goodbye to the sea. IMG_0818IMG_0810IMG_0827And after a hop, skip and a jump, we were back in Amsterdam, recharged from a fabulous holiday and ready to resume normal life. Goodbye Cannes, hopefully see you again soon!! x

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      1. Haha :) I can imagine.

        French really do know how to cook! Invite them over, and they will do everything that is needed in the kitchen ( have actually seen this theory in action ;) )


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